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Nothing is the same thing as LSD, however LSA is similar. LSA is found I morning glory seeds, Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds, and ergot. You can consume these things raw for a trip (be carefull not to take any containing pesticides), or you can extract the LSA (fairly simply Google "erowid", the LSA can be consumed this way or further processed into something close to LSD but still not the same thing.

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LSD is a drug not an ingredient in a drug.

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Q: What is the same as LSD?
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How did Jimi Hendrix use LSD?

The same way anyone uses LSD.

Is LSD drug different from LSD and acid?

No, these all refer to the same compound, lysergic acid diethylamide.

Are shrooms and LSD the same?

No, they are completely different substances. LSD's main effect is hallucinations. While PCP does cause hallucinations and is also classified as a hallucinogen, it is also a dissociative and can cause extreme behavior changes. Here are some negative effects of PCP. * Disturbing hallucinations and/or delusions * Severe anxiety, paranoia * Severe dissociation, depersonalization * Ataxia (loss of motor coordination) * Severe confusion, disorganized thinking * Psychotic episodes * Physical aggression * Nausea, vomiting * Temporary amnesia * Severe distortion or loss of auditory/visual perception * Decreased heart rate, blood pressure, and respiration (high doses) * Seizures (high doses) * Hangover including dizziness, numbness and lethargy; may last 24 hours or more * Coma (high doses, increased risk when combined with depressants) * Possible neurotoxicity (controversial)

What neurotransmitter shares the same basic structure with LSD?


Are there different kinds of LSD?

LSD = Lysergic acid diethylamide there are lots of different street variety names, but they are all onstensibly the same chemical.

Which produces stronger and more intense effects LSD or 2ce?

They both have about the same effect, I'd say that LSD has more visuals though.

What temperature destroys LSD?

The same temperature of a simple match and or lighter.

Is LSD physologically addictive?

LSD is no more addictive than Television. Lysergic acid Dilythimide (LSD) is the only content, originaly developed to treat cluster headaches (migrains) it is derived from the ergot that grows on the mold of the rye plant.