What is the scariest ride at Disneyland besides California screaming?

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2011-10-17 00:55:48

At Disneyland, (my opinion) is probably .....

Haunted Mansion: ghosts pop out of NOWHERE, and the bride just

freaks me out actually now that i think about it its not that bad


Indiana Jones: a HUGE snake (anametronic) at the end comes up

pretty close to you and acts like its going to bite you so get a

middle seat, the jeep is really riggedy, its completly in the dark,

air shooters act like arrows being thrown at you, and a big boulder

come over you but its not as bad as the other things, do not get a

drivers seat because you might fall out. dont get me wrong though,

thats one of my fav ride

space mountain: its just plain dark you dont see where your

going, its just bleh

not that scary but called "scary" splash moutain:its dark for a

little bit of the ride and theres some drops inside the dark so

yeah but other then that its awsome

snow whites scary adventures: dont go in there man, its scary.

the old hag jumps at you and the forest is just terrifying. i know

its a kiddie ride but man does it give me the creeps.

mattahorn: its just the yeti thats scary

Who framed rogger rabbit: please dont make me explain it, its

super creepy and they always look like their going to shoot you.

some parts in the ride, the car takes control and spins like crazy.

my least favorite ride

California adventure

tower of terror: it drops you really fast

its a bugs life: its 4d and it has stink bugs and spiders

The most scariest for disneyland is space mountain for thrill

and rogger rabbit for scary

the most scariest for california adventure is for thrill tower

of terror and its a bugs life for scary

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