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Hydroponics .

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Q: What is the science of farming without soil?
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What is the definition of argriculture?

The science or practice of farming, including cultivation of the soil for the growing of crops and the rearing of animals to provide food, wool, and other products.

What are 2 ways soil can be damaged?

Contamination by chemicals Over farming without nutriment replacement

Why is the soil of grasslands good for farming?

The soil of grassland is good for farming because the soil is very rich.

What makes the soil in Indonesia good for farming?

The soil is good for farming because it is fertile

What farming practices minimize soil loss?

Terrace farming minimizes soil erosion.

Why is the grasslands soil good for farming?

a grasslands soil is good for farming because it has no guantity of big or has rich soil

Does the soil of organic farming last longer than conventional farming soil?

In true organic farming, the soil is built up with organic matter, which means nutrients in the soil are replenished. In non-organic farming, fertilizers are used to replenish certain nutrients only, while other nutrients may be depleted. In that sense, soil (nutrients in the soil) last longer in organic farming.

Is no-till farming and contour farming two examples of preventing soil erosion?

Yes. No-till farming and contour farming are two examples of preventing soil erosion.

What is the science of farming?

Farming has to do with science Well you need to study crops and plants

What does agronomy entails?

It is the science of soil management, the cultivation of land and crop production. This will include irrigation, pesticides and herbicides. Rather like farming.

How are hydroponic farming and field farming different?

Hydroponic farming does not use soil.

What is the best soil for farming and why?

sandy loam soil