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Q: What is the sciencetific name of Clanger or Lavender tree?
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Is lavender a shrub or a tree?


Sciencetific name of mango leaves?

mango tree Botanical name: Mangifera indica Family: Anacardiaceae, the cashew and pistachio family Leaves - long and leathery. They have fibres which 'crackle' when they are crushed. They contain a chemical called mangiferin.

Name of plants with starting with letter L?

Lilac Lily Lily of the valley Lavender Lemon tree Lime tree Lobelia Lady Slipper Larkspur Laurel Lotus Lupin Liverwort Live Oak

Three esential oils?

Tea tree, Lavender, Eucalyptus.

Will tea tree oil and lavender oil stay blended if mixed together?

Theoretically it should stay mixed when the proportions are correct. An even balance of lavender and tea tree oil will allow the oils to blend evenly.

Can tea tree oil and lavender oil be use togather?

Tea tree oil and lavender oil can be used together. They are both anti-septic, and very genle on the skin. Some people do have an allergic reaction to one or the other so they are often used interchangablely. I know of one person who finds the scent of tea tree oil alone unpleasant, and I have added lavender oil because she likes the scent of the combination.

What type of fragrance is Angel's Sunshine Cuties limited edition?

rosewood, lavender and tea tree

Flowers starting with the letter w?

wisteria is one it is a type of tree with lavender flowers.

Can a shampoo with tea tree oil and lavender oil give a boy breasts if he uses it daily?

Absolutly not!!

Where can you find a wild Growlithe in FireRed?

you can find one where lavender town is you will see a fence if you go west of lavender town is use hm (cut) on the tree and run around in the grass until a growlithe appears

What do you do after surge on FireRed?

You have to go east from Cerulean city ( where the little tree is ) and go through the cave to lavender town.

How do you get the poke flute on the radio on Pokemon soulsilver?

You go to lavender town and ask the important-looking guy standing by the tree

What is the name of the tree in the Lion King?

The name of the tree is the Tree of Life.

What is the fastest way to get of acne?

The fastest ways to get rid of acne include using lemon juice, tea tree oil or lavender oil

Can tea tree oil and lavender oil be use together for acne?

Tea tree oil is often combine with lavender oil in the treatment of skin problems, acne included. More often herbalists try to treat the problems by addressing the "whole person." Such causes as diet, allergies, and stress are investigated and vitamin supplements, and a healthier life style are added to the treatment of the symptoms.

What is tree name judgment for lady under a tree name?

ock tree

Real name for a concer tree is?

the real name for a conker tree is a chestnut tree

What is the original name of name tree?

An oak tree

What is the pony name and the man name?

the joshua tree! the joshua tree!

How did Ted Lavender die?

Ted Lavender is shot in the head and killed outside a small village during the Vietnam War in The Things They Carried. His death comes entirely out of the blue and deeply impacts his commanding officer. Weโ€™ll cover how Ted Lavender dies and how his fellow soldiers deal with his death.

What is the name of a tree that has a orange flowers?

what is the name of a orange tree flower name

What is a tree that begins with you?

Umbellularia Californica is the name of a tree. Upland Willow Oak is the name of a tree.

What is the birth name of David Tree?

David Tree's birth name is David Tree Parsons.

Which essential oils are anti-fungal anti-septic and anti-bacterial?

There are many, however the two that come to mind first are Lavender & Tea Tree.

What is common name of oak tree?

what is the common name and scientific name for the oak tree.