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What is the scientific name for barn owl?


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It depends on which type of barn owl you are talking about. If you mean the common barn owl, then the scientific name is "tyto alba". All barn owl species begin with "tyto".

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A common name for the Barn Owl is Barn Owl or just Owl. The scientific name is Tyto alba.

Scientific name of the Barn Owl is Tyto alba

strigiformes is the scientific name for the bird an owl, although there are many different species, like the elf owl, barn owl, tawny owl, greater sooty, lesser sooty...

There are many subspecies, but the barn owl is called Tyto Alba scientifically.

"Tyto alba" is the Latin name for the Barn Owl.

COMMON NAMEbarn owl, golden owl, white owl, monkey-faced owlKINGDOMAnimaliaPHYLUMChordataCLASSAvesORDERStrigiformesFAMILYStrigidaeGENUS SPECIESTyto (night owl) alba (white)

A Barn Owl is known as Tyto Alba. Barn Owls are also called White Owl, Silver Owl, Demon Owl, Ghost Owl, Death Owl, Night Owl, Rat Owl, Church Owl, Cave Owl, Stone Owl, Monkey-faced Owl, Hissing Owl, Hobgoblin or Hobby Owl, Dobby Owl, Golden Owl, Scritch Owl, Screech Owl, Straw Owl, Barnyard Owl and Delicate Owl.

the Scientific name of The Barn Owl is Tyto alba, and The Tawny Owl is Strix alucoalso the scienetific name of all owl's are raptors and birds of prey

Silver Owl' is another name for a barn owl. There is plenty of folklore that surrounds barn owls. Some other nicknames for the barn owl are 'demon owl' and 'death owl'.

The scientific name for owl is Stirgiformes

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The male barn owl find foods for the female barn owl.

Owls (birds of the order Strigiformes)are divided into two main groups:Strigidae: typical owls such as Great Horned Owl (Bubo virginianus)Tytonidae: barn owls such as the common Barn Owl (Tyto alba)The Northern Spotted Owl is Strix occidentalis caurina.The Snowy Owl is Bubo scandiacus.

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The scientific name for the snowy owl is Bubo scandiacus.

There is no scientific name in general for the owl. Each specific owl has its own specific name. So in other words, the owl (in general) has no scientific name.

The scientific name for a Barn Swallow is "Hirundo rustica". They are a species of swallows.

no a barn owl would be a mammal

it is barn owl throw up

No but there is a very common ( in North America) owl species called the barn owl which may choose to live in a shed, or a barn as its name suggests. In other words, no.

There are many species of Owls, but the common name for Owls is Owls and the owls are in an order of birds called Strigiformes.AnswerThere are about 200 owl species. Examples of species with their scientific names are:Barn Owl Tyto albaSnowy Owl Nyctea scandiacaSpotted Owl Strix occidentalisWood Owl Strix woodfordiPel's Fishing Owl Scotopelia peliSpotted Eagle Owl Bubo africanaMalay Fish Owl Ketupa ketupa

No. The snowy owl is Nyctea Scandiaaca, and the barn owl is Tyto Alba.

the competiton of he barn owl is the other owls.

The Genus for the Barn owl is Tyto and the species is Tyto Alba. These common barn owls produce a high-pitched scream.

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