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The answer is Canis familiaris. All breeds of domestic dog has the same scientific name, including the Maltese.

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What is the scientific name of a Maltese Tiger?

Panthera Tigris is the scientific name of a general tiger, I don't know the scientific name of a Maltese Tiger. It is said that the Maltese Tiger is not a type of tiger but just a coloration morph. Look on Wikipedia for more about the Maltese.

What is the scientific name or taxonomic classification of the perennial flower Maltese cross?

The scientific or taxonomic name would be Lychnis chalcedonica.

Where are Maltese dogs actually from?

Maltese dogs are from the island of Malta, I believe.

What is Maltese for the name Daniel?

The name for Daniel in Maltese is "Danjeli" the J is pronounced as the ie in Daniel.

What is a cute name for a male Maltese?

Snoopy, Or buddy Maltese are very cute

What is the name for a Maltese Labrador Mix?

Labratese or Maltador Do you have a Lab-Maltese mix?

In the book Maltese falcon what is spades full name?

In the book Maltese Falcon, Spade's full name is Sam Spade.

What is a good name for a Maltese?


What is the Maltese name for Malta?

Malta. ( its the same)

What ethnicity is the last name Micallef?


What is a dog name that starts with m?


What nationality is the last name Ear?


What is Taylor Lautner puppys name?

her name is Roxy - shes a Maltese

A name of a real Maltese robber?

clayton vella

What is the name of the traditional Maltese dance?


Name of Maltese national anthem?

innu malti

Where are maltese's from?

they originated in Malta (hence the name Maltese) :)

What is Taylor Lautner Maltese pooch name?


What would you name a girl Maltese?

You can name a female Maltese "Sophia" Please go on this website for more dog names:

What is the scientific name for the ursa minor?

Ursa Minor is the scientific name.Ursa Minor is the scientific name.Ursa Minor is the scientific name.Ursa Minor is the scientific name.

What is Taylor Lautners puppys name?

his Maltese is named Roxy

What is the breed name for ShihTzu Maltese Yorkie and Chihuahua?


How do you say 'i am maltese' in Maltese?

Iam/I am Malti = I am Maltese.

What is the scientific name for name?

A scientific name for name is nomenclature.

Scientific name of squash?

Scientific name of squash is Cucurbita