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a muscle pimple

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Q: What is the scientific principal behind building a muscle?
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The muscle of the lips is the?

Orbicularis Oris is the principal muscle of the lips!

Which principal Muscle is used in compression of cheek?

buccinator muscle

What is the muscle behind the knee?

The popliteus is the small muscle located just behind the knee.

Is a principal function of smooth muscle peristalsis?


Which muscle building supplement works the best?

stacklabs steroids muscle building works as the best

What muscle is located behind the lungs?

back muscle

Scientific name for forearm muscle?

what is the scientific name for forearm

What is the maximum age for muscle building?

There is not maximum age. No matter your age, building muscle takes work, but is not impossible.

Where is the trapeze muscle?

in behind your shoulder

What benefits does muscle building give you?

Muscle building improves your posture, body functions, circulation, metabolism and your skeletal structure.

What is the scientific name for your heart?

The term for the heart muscle is a cardiac muscle. There is no real scientific term for the heart, it is simply called the heart.

Does La Muscle have a muscle on their Facebook page?

LA Muscle, a UK-based company, makes muscle building and weight loss supplements. They do not have a muscle on their Facebook page at this time. However, since they do work in muscle building, they may occasionally use a muscle in their advertising.

What are the four principal types of tissue?

Epithelial, nervous, connective, and muscle.

What is the scientific name for the Arm muscle?


What is the scientific names for the shoulder muscle?


What is the scientific name for steak?

Steak is composed of muscle tissue. That's about as scientific as we can get with it.

Is swimming good for gaining weight and building muscle?

Building muscle yes, but since it is also aerobic, gaining weight will be a struggle.

What is the scientific name of the muscle cell?

The scientific name for a muscle cell is a myocyte. Myocytes are also sometimes called muscle fibers. They are long, tube shaped, cells that develop from myoblasts.

How do you flex your muscles?

the muscle is getting bigger because its pushing on the muscle behind it

What is the best protein for muscle building?

work out

Do muscle building milkshakes work?


How do you get skinny without building muscle?


What muscle is located behind your lungs?

The heart

What can I use to treat a pain behind my knee?

Most commonly, feeling a pain behind the knee is related directly to the Popliteus muscle. The Popliteus muscle is a very small muscle located behind the knee and should be checked by a doctor.

The four principal types of tissue include connective nerve muscle and?