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Lightning strike or lightning bolt might be 襲雷, pronounced shuurai.


Shuurai and the meaning mentioned for it is correct. If you mean 'lightning' in Japanese, it is 電光 /den kou/ literally meaning 'electric ray'.

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Q: What is the scientific word of Lightning?
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What is the Japanese word for lightning?

The Japanese word for lightning is Inazuma.

What is the aramaic word for lightning?

The Aramaic word for lightning is "רעמא" (re'ma).

When you see a lightning strike you will probably hear thunder soon is this a scientific theory or a scientific law?

Scientific law - the lightning 'spark' produces a sound wave when it discharges - which is what we hear as thunder.

How many syllables does the word lightning have?

The word 'lightning' has 2 syllables.

What is a sentence with the word lightning in it?

Beware of lightning!

What is the Latin word for lightning bolt?

Fulmen is the Latin word for lightning bolt.

Who is noted for scientific achievements on electricity and his kite experiment to study lightning which lead to his invention of the lightning rod?

Benjamin Franklin invented the lightning rod.

What is the Latin word for lightning?

The word 'fulgur' may be used to mean lightning in English.

When you see thunder you'll prbably hear lightning is this a scientific theory or a scientific law?

Neither, its nonsense.

What is the denotation of lightning?

Well, the denotation of a word is just the literal meaning of that word. So, if you want to know what the denotation of the word lightning, just think (what is the literal meaning of the word lightning?). You can find the answer the easy.

Is lightning an element?

Lightning is a mythical element as in earth air fire water and the such. But an actual scientific element? No. Lightning isn't even matter. It is energy moving from atom to atom

What is the folk beliefs or legends and scientific explanation of thunder and lightning?

There was an lion roar and it is very brave then the thunder ang lightning appears.