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That is Gaelic for "Corpse" not "Copse"

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Q: What is the scottish Gaelic translation in to English for the word copse?
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Where does the word Perth come from?

It is from the Gaelic word Peairt which means wood or copse.

What is a copse?

A copse is a thicket of small trees or shrubs.

What is a sentence for copse?

The rabbit hid in the copse in the forest clearing.

How do you use copse in a sentence?

The shady copse was a local landmark for amateur botanists.

What does hurst mean?

Its is from the old English Hyrst which means a wooded hill or slope.

How do you use the word copse in a sentence?

lots animals like rabbits or foxes are hiding in forests at copse

What does copse mean?

Copse means a dense growth of bushes. If you did not mean "corpse," that is. A corpse is a dead body.

What are the synonyms of copse?

Some synonyms for copse are: boskage bosque bosquet break brushwood chaparral coppice covert

What are the release dates for Dante's Copse - 2014?

Dante's Copse - 2014 was released on: USA: 28 November 2014

How many syllables are in copse?


What is the word for a Thicket of bushes?


What is the name for a copse in boggy ground?

Although there may be some local variations, typically a copse in boggy ground is simply called a copse. A typical localism would be the drinking fountain in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA which is called a bubbler.