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In Scotland a stream is called a burn.

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A stream is known as a 'burn' in Scotland.

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A burn

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Q: What is the scottish name for stream?
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Is Struan a boy's name?

Yes, it's a Scottish name meaning "stream", and has traditionally been given to chiefs of various clans.

What does burn mean in Scottish?

A burn is a stream.

Where does the name Douglas mean?

The name Douglas originated from a Scottish surname, derived from the Gaelic elements "dubh" meaning dark, and "glas" meaning stream – therefore, Douglas translates to "dark stream" in Gaelic.

What country did the last name Blackburn come from?

Blackburn is an Irish name meaning dark stream. Blackburn is a Scottish name from the Dumfries and Galloway and Borders area. You will also find in the area Black Sark, Scottish for shirt, Black Sike, a gutter or stream, and in England just over the border from Scotland Black Cleugh, meaning a ravine or narrow valley. Blackburn is definitely not an Irish name as Black in Irish is DUBH and the Irish way of spelling BURN is Byrne and Irish for stream is SRUTH.

What is your Scottish last name?

Unless you are of Scottish descent, you do not have a Scottish last name. The only other way to acquire a Scottish last name is to marry someone of Scottish descent.

What is the name of Scottish biscuit?

A Scottish biscuit is often called shortbread.

What is the Scottish name for hill?

The Scottish name for hill is "brae."

What is Scottish for grandmom?

[Scottish Gaelic] seanmhair [Pronounced= shen-a-var]

What is a Scottish creek called?

A Scottish creek is commonly referred to as a "burn." It is a term used to describe a small stream or watercourse found in Scotland.

Another name for a Scottish laird?

Laird is the Scottish name for a Lord.

Is alilsh a Scottish name?

Yes! Alilsh is a typical scottish name.

What does the name Kerryann mean in Scottish Gaelic?

The name is not in Scottish Gaelic.