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What is the sea otters place on the food chain?


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10th because they eat birds

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The otters favourite food is sea urchins.

A consumer. Producers are generally plants, which "produce" (hence the name) energy from the sun through photosynthesis. Everything else needs to get energy by consuming (hence the name "consumer") a producer, or another consumer. Sea otters generally eat sea urchins and shellfish, which feed on algae. In this food chain, the sea otters are secondary consumers, the urchins and shellfish are primary consumers, and the algae are producers.

As others have written, killer whales and sharks are the biggest threat to sea otters of all sizes if they are in the ocean. The younger sea otters can also be attacked on the water surface by bald eagles. While on land, all sea otters may be eaten by bears and possibly even coyotes.

The giant otters predators are the jaguar and cougars.Young otters may be vulnerable to such predators as foxes, wolves, and raptors.Sea otters may be consumed by killer whales, among others.Any animals higher in the food chain are otters' enemies, even man.

In the sea, they love to eat clams from the sea bed.


Sea otters are under threat from pollution (particularly in the form of oil spills), changes/imbalances in the food chain, and the lingering threat of the fur trade, among other factors.

can i have a picture of the Sea cucumber's food chaincan i have a picture of the Sea cucumber's food chaincan i have a picture of the Sea cucumber's food chain

it uses its small tail and ugly teeth to get their food

Sea otters can eat the following -mussels -calms -fish and other small animals that can fit in their mouth.

Food, water, homes, and territory.

yes, sea otters have young sea otters called pups

a sea otters habitat is the sea

All otters are mammals, including sea otters.

Since 2010, there are around 3000. This including, California sea otters, Alaskan sea otters and Russian sea otters.

Mother sea otters nurse their young. They aggresively defend their young from intruders. Baby sea otters are called pups. The pups are weaned at 14 weeks. By three or four months, Giant River otters eat solid food.

Sea otters were not invented.

Sea otters have way more fur than seals

Sea otters dive down to the bottom of a river and collect clams, sea urchins, etc. Then they float on their back and use rocks to open their clams.

because its their food, they usually eat shellfish and fish

a sea otter's whiskers are used for finding food and they sense vibrations.

Yes a sea otter will eat a shark more often than a shark will eat it. Since otters have sharp teeth they can turn around while being chase by a shark and eat it. Otters and whales will eat sharks and they eat plants and algae which make them omnivores. That is why they are the top predators in the ocean food chain.

starfish, clams, and mussels

otters swim in the water to find food and hide from other animals such as sharks,and other bigger sea creatures

Can sea otters eat humans? no

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