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After French, the second most widely spoken language in Gabon is Fang, spoken by about a third of the population.


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The Ivory Coast and Gabon are the only countries in Africa where French is spoken as a first language--it's mostly a second language.

up until 1970 gabon was a mainly french based culture and now only about 10% of the population speak frenchFrench is the most spoken language in Gabon. The above answer is not true. Only 10% are native speakers of French, but about 80% can speak it fluently.

French is the official language in Gabon because of the French colonial authorities who established all of the currently-used governmental institutions. Additionally, around 80% of Gabonese speak French either as a native or second language, making it the most popular language in Gabon. (The most popular indigenous language is Fang with 32% of the population.)

80% of Gabonese people are French speakers, but a far smaller percentage are native French speakers. Most people in Gabon speak French as a second language.

The 1 official language is French, spoken by 80% of the population.The vernacular languages are:FangMyenePunuNzebiHere is a list of the 32 most common and indigenous languages of Gabon:American Sign LanguageBakaBaramaBekwelBengaBubiBwisiDumaFangFrenchKendellKaninMyeneNzebiPunuSakeSanguSekiSighuSimbaSira, aka EshiraNorthern TekeWestern TekeTsaangiTsogoViliVumbuWandjiWumbvuYanghoYasaFufuAmerican Sign Language is used by the deaf community in Gabon. It was introduced by the deaf American missionary Andrew Foster.English is the most common foreign language.

Until 1970 Gabon was a former French colony.Source: CIA World Fact BookBecause at one point it was a French colony.

I think so as it is on the list of french speaking countries on http:/

Twenty countries where French is spoken are (not necessarily as a first or official language): France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Algeria, Morocco, Lebanon, Syria, Laos, Cambodia, the Ivory Coast, Gabon, French Guyana, Canada, Haiti, the US, New Caledonia, Congo, Cameroon, and Mali.

French is the National Language so use French Terms!

They are called Gabonese in English, Gabonaise in French, the official language.

In more or less order of French prevalence, here are the countries where French is widely spoken: Europe: France, Belgium, Monaco, Switzerland, Luxembourg Africa: Gabon, Mauritius, Côte d'Ivoire, São Tomé and Príncipe, Tunisia, Guinea, Seychelles, Republic of the Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Algeria, Morocco Asia: Lebanon In the African countries, you're going to find it very widely spoken in the cities, much less so in the small towns and villages.

Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Tchad, Niger, Benin, Congo, Gabon, Madagascar, and many more.

There are 29 countries where French is spoken as an Official language: Democratic Republic of the Congo France Canada Madagascar Cameroon Côte d'Ivoire Burkina Faso Niger Senegal Mali Rwanda Belgium Guinea Chad Haiti Burundi Benin Switzerland Togo Central African Republic Republic of the Congo Gabon Comoros Equatorial Guinea Djibouti Luxembourg Vanuatu Seychelles Monaco

Gabon in French is Gabon. It can also be called République Gabonaise.

This site will answer all your questions, an excerpt and the site:There are 33 French speaking-countries - French is the or an official language in 33 countries, second only to English (spoken officially in 45). French and English are the only languages spoken as a native language on 5 continents and the only languages taught in every country in the world. I. French is the official language of France and its overseas territories* as well as B

The capital of Gabon is Libreville.

Gabon is a country in West Africa.

no Gabon does not have gorillas there sorry

Algeria, Monaco, Cameroon, Madagascar, Mauritius, Gabon, Cote de Ivoire and many more.

The national animal of Gabon is the black panther. Gabon is a sovereign state located in West Central Africa. The capital of Gabon is Libreville.

Gabon is located in Africa.

gabon is famous for its green forests

Gabon is in the eastern hemisphere

Gabon is a country; it is not an item to be used.

Gabon is called a presidential republic. With that said, the legislative branch in the government of Gabon is called a parliament.

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