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Q: What is the secondary host for a hookworm?
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What is the host of the hookworm?

The hookworm is not an intermediate host, but the hookworm larvae is.An intermediate host would be like the flea carrying infected larvae for tapeworms. The infected flea would be the intermediate or secondary host because it shelters the parasite or worm larvae for a short time. In any intermediate host, "some" developmental stage is completed.In hookworms, the intermediate host comes into play as one of five routes by which puppies and adult dogs can acquire hookworm infection.Migration through the placenta while the puppies are in the uterus.Puppies can feed on larvae through their mothers' milk.Puppies and adult dogs can feed on hookworm larvae in the soil.The larvae can directly penetrate a dog's skin, such as the pads of their feet when they are walking in a dirty pen or kennel where an infected dog has toileted.The puppies or adult dogs can obtain hookworm by eating an intermediate host in the soil or through grooming, which would be the hookworm larvae.Dogs who recover from hookworm infection usually become carriers through larvae encysted in the dogs' tissues. If the dog becomes ill or is placed under serious stress, the dormant larvae are released and the worms appear in the intestines, causing bloody diarrhea.

What is a hookworm's diet?

Since a hookworm is a parasite, it's main nutrition value comes from the blood it sucks from the animal it infected, called a host.

What is hookworm disease?

Hookworm disease is an illness caused by one of two types of S-shaped worms that infect the intestine of humans (the worm's host).

Parasitic blood sucking nematode worm that lives in the small intestine of its host?


What does a hookworm do to a human?

It sucks the blood of the host human from its intestine and may cause severe anemia.

How does the hookworms find its host?

It is more so that the host finds a hookworm in Hot Humid regions of the earth in soil fertile in human excrement.

How does a hookworm effect a human?

Hookworms live in the intestines and suck blood from the human host through the intestinal wall.

Why are hookworms and tapeworms are classified as parasite?

A hookworm and a tapeworm are classified as parasites because they need a host to survive(get nutrients and energy)

What symmetry is the hookworm in?

Is a hookworm radial

Can you catch tapeworms from your cat?

Tapeworms are only cough into you by digesting them unless your cat has attracted some hookworms which are the same as tapeworms, they can be found in infected soil (infected fertilizer, once the hookworm is in its host it lays eggs in it digestive tract...and once the process is done, the next thing\person who step on the egg it has founded an new host) layman's terms: Tapeworm, only get in you, by eating an tapeworm egg, to not get tapeworm in food or you, make food cooked well. You can got worm like tapeworm but not as same, it is called hookworm, if your cat steps on an hookworm egg, your cat now have hookworm, hookworm can get form cat to you by box you clean, that your cat sh*t in, egg in your cat's s*it get on hand, egg is in you, boom! you have hookworm, same as tapeworm, Hooray

Who is the secondary host in malaria?


What kind of parasite hookworm?

Hookworm is endoparasites. From: Micol Colico :)