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  • First, catch at least 60 fish
  • Next, keep one yellow fish on your line
  • After that, MULLET will come and try to eat the yellow fish
  • Hey Presto! You've got him
  • :) Hope this helps :)
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What is the fishing secret?

the only secret to fishing is have fun. the secret to catching .. now that's a different story, seeing as fishing is as much if not more art than science, persistence is probably the key.

What is the secret task in mission 5 on club penguin?

Deliver a pizza to a penguin fishing behind the Ski Lodge.

What is the funnest game in club penguin?

in my opinion, the secret missions are good but ice fishing is the best

Club Penguin what does it mean a penguin is on and adventure?

It means that your penguin is doing a secret mission (You have to be a secret agent which is the secret agency).

Where do you find supplies for a fishing pole in G's Secret Mission on Club Penguin?

Use the ski from the broken sled and the rope to make the pole.

How do you capture the fish in gs secret mission in club penguin?

you have to get the ski from the sled and tie the rope on it and then you put a o berry on it and go fishing!!

What font are the Club Penguin banned signs in?

It is called ACME Secret Agent

Club penguin book called the secret agent handbook?

There is a book called Secret Agnet Handbook. But u have to know wats in it to unlock things

Is their a secret mission in Club Penguin?

Yes there is a secret mission on Club Penguin.

What is the secret code to the secret room on club penguin?

There are two secret rooms in club penguin, which one are you talking about?

What is the secret code on Club Penguin answer the question?

The secret code to club penguin is clubpenguin

How do you open the secret book on Club Penguin?

You get a code from buying a CLUB Penguin penguin doll, type the code into club penguin, and you get the secret treasure book!

Is there a secret agent group called the black hoodies on club penguin?

Well not an official club penguin agency, but might be of an individual's with his followers.

In the club penguin book called the secret agent handbook what word is on page 46 2 words from the left on line 12?

secret :)

What is the independent clause of this phrase dad has a secret fishing spot where he catches the most fish?

Dad has a secret fishing spot

How do you enter a Club Penguin mission?

go to HQ and there will be a book called secret mission go to that

What is a spy phone on Club Penguin?

when you are a secret agent on club penguin it allows you to teleport anywhere you want, when you want, including the secret penguin HQ.

What does psa stand for in club penguin?

penguin secret agency

What is the independent clause in Dad has a secret fishing spot where he catches the most fish?

"Dad has a secret fishing spot" is the independent clause.

How do you know how senior your penguin is on Club Penguin?

Well .... if you try becoming a secret agent and your penguin is to young they will tell your penguins age if penguin is allowed to be a secret agent then they will not tell the age.

Secret agent Club Penguin?

to be a secret agent you have to take a quiz.on while you are playing with your penguin online

What is the secret word on the secret agent in club penguin?


What is the biggest secret in Club Penguin?

aunt artic is the director of the club penguin secret agency this guy figured this out and told me

Is the only secret item in club penguin the crystal staff?

No there are other hidden secret items in Club Penguin in the Catalogs.

What secret mission on Club Penguin?

Theres no secret mission on club penguin. P.S your question dosen't make sense

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