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13 SEER, 5 ton. Don't worry that the below referenced Model Number Breakdown says N2A360AKB200 instead of N2A360AKA200. That digit is just a sales code. B = Heil. Not sure who A is. You will see this, along with the specs, in the Model Number Breakdown at the below URL. =AL=

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Q: What is the seer rating and tonnage of n2a360aka200?
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What is the tonnage and seer rating on a Bryant 116bna036-a?

The tonnage is 3 ton, the seer is 10

How do I Convert hvac seer to tonnage?

Determine the SEER rating of the HVAC system. The SEER rating is usually provided by the manufacturer and is a measure of the system's energy efficiency. Find the total cooling capacity of the HVAC system in BTUs (British Thermal Units). This information is also typically provided by the manufacturer and can be found in the system's specifications. Plug the SEER rating and the total cooling capacity in BTUs into the formula: Tonnage = (Total Cooling Capacity in BTUs) / (SEER) For example, if you have an HVAC system with a SEER rating of 16 and a total cooling capacity of 48,000 BTUs: Tonnage = 48,000 BTUs / 16 SEER Tonnage = 3 tons

What is the tonnage and seer rating of a rheem RAMC-060JAZ?

5 Tons (12,000 btu = 1 ton) 060 is 60,000 btu therefore 5 tons. SEER, not sure on this one

What is the tonnage and seer of a Tempstar nac060aka9 ac unit?

It is a 5ton 10 SEER

What is tonnage of a Chrysler air temp model 1264-02k?

Its a 37000 ( 3 TON ) BTU unit. Built in 1973 and has a seer rating of 6.7.

What is the seer rating on a comfortmaker NAC036AKA4?

10 seer

What is the heil air conditioner model number N4A360GKC tonnage and seer rating?

Based on typical naming conventions - 36 - in the model number indicates 36,000 btuh nominal or 3 tons. And depending on indoor match likely a 13 SEER.

What is the seer rating for a 2 ton Goodman ck24-1b condenser?

10 SEER is the rating for the Goodman CK24-1B.

What is the seer rating of your York Model h1ra042s06g?

12 seer

What is the seer rating of goodman ck30 1b?

10 Seer

What is the seer rating york ac model H2DB048S06A?


What is meant by seer?

SEER means Seasonal Effective Energy Rating.