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i would love to show you, but i cant disclose it.

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Q: What is the sentence for disclose?
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Give you a sentence with the word disclose?

She wouldn't disclose where she had bought her shoes.

How do you use disclose in a sentence?

The bank were not willing to disclose the account information to me over the phone

Use the word disclose in a sentence?

Make sure to disclose the murder cases to the buyers of this house.

How do you use disclose in a sentence as an adverb?

The word disclose is a verb. It cannot be used as an adverb.A synonym, reveal, has the adverb form revealingly which, however, means something slightly different. Disclose does not have such a form.

What are the pros and cons of presentence investigations?

A pre-sentence investigation can disclose many good things about your past which might assist the judge in rendering an appopriate sentence - VERSUS - A pre-sentence report can disclose all the bad things about your past which might assist the judge in rendering an apporpriate sentence.

A sentence using the word official?

The official papers were disclosed The officials did not disclose the court's ruling papers.This is an official sentence for the word official.

How can you use various in a sentence?

"This dress is available in various colours." "For various reasons, which I do not wish to disclose, I will be leaving."

Do private companies disclose earnings?

no they are not bound to disclose there earnings. its optional

What information does Anne Frank disclose about her grandparents?

esne disclose about her grandparents

What is the opposite of disclose?

To disclose is to share information that was hidden. The opposite would be to conceal.

A sentence for the word divulge?

The definition for the word divulge is to disclose or reveal (something private, secret, or previously unknown). A sentence for divulge would be- I accidentally divulged my best friend's secret when talking to someone else.

Do you legally have to disclose that a car has a salvage title to a buyer?

Yes you do have disclose a salvage titled vehicle.

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