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An old guy called Pryce, who specializes in ice pokemon.
The seventh gym leader is Pryce in Mahogany town.

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In the game Heart Gold, the fire gym leader will be in the seventh gym you visit. Defeating the fire gym leader will get you your second to last gym badge.

by beating the icicle gym leader. In mahogany town.

In HeartGold and SoulSilver Versions, Blaine, the seventh Kanto gym leader, is located in the Seafoam Islands.

In Mahogany town. He uses ice types.

Go to the lake of rage and either KO or catch the Red Gyardos

you go to the victory road and beat the Pokemon league

well you go to the place where they make you the new chapion

u need to push the snowballs around and find a path to her like to pryce the seventh gym leader in pokemon soulsilver and heartgold

the seventh gym leader in the johto region is in mahogany town the seventh gym leader in the kanto region is on seafoam island

go right from the seventh gym leader

The 5th Gym Leader inPokémon HeartGold is Chuck, he can be found in Cianwood City.

the 7th gym leader in heartgold is in mahogony town but i do not know his name

The seventh gym leader is Candice, the Ice Type leader. She is at Snowpoint City.

In Pokémon HeartGold, you can find the 3rd Gym Leader in Goldenrod City.

no you can not become a gym leader in any game.

in the town where the seventh gym is at in jhoto

There in the gym in mossdeep city by the way the gym leader are actually gym leaders.

The 14 gym leader in heart gold is in Saffron City.

the 16 leader is in virdinian city after beating every other gym leader

You CAN NOT become a Gym Leader in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver or ANY MAIN SERIES POKEMON GAME.

The gym is in Blackthorn City.The gym leader is Clair.