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What is the shape of a rhino?

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the rhino has a rounish oval body with a horn on its snout(somtimes 2) its tail is about 1-1.5 ft. long.

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What shape is the black rhino?


What is the shape of a white rhinos lip?

a square, it is also reffered to as the squared lip rhino

Why is the white rhino 'white'?

All rhino's are basically shades of gray, the "white" in "white rhino" is a messed up translation of "wide", referring to the shape of its mouth.

What is the largest rhino?

The White RhinoThe Indian RhinoThe Black RhinoThe Javan RhinoThe Sumarian Rhino

What rhino is stronger the white rhino or the black rhino?

white rhino

How many different types of rhino is there?

i beieve its 5 -The Indain Rhino -Javan Rhino -Sumatran Rhino -Black Rhino -White Rhino

Where do red rhinos live?

There is no such thing as a red rhino. There are five rhino species alive today. They are the white rhino, black rhino, Indian rhino, Sumatran rhino, and Javan rhino.

White rhino or American rhino bigger?

There is no species called American Rhino. But the white rhino is the biggest of the Rhino species.

How many types of rhino are there in the world?

There are 5 types of rhinos in the world. There is the Javan rhino, White rhino, Black rhino, Great One Horned rhino and Sumatran rhino. There is also one extinct rhino called the Woolly rhino.

What Dinosaur looked like a rhino?

The Triceratops is a herbivorous animal dinosaur that existed during the Cretaceous period. One of its most distinctive features is the shape of its skull which includes a horn at the front of its face, similar to a rhino.

Does a rhino live in the rainforest?

well it depends what type of rhino or rain forest it isThere are five species of rhino. Two of them live in rainforests. These are the Sumatran rhino and the Javan rhino.

A labeled diagram of a rhino body?


What is a family of rhinoceros called?

Easy. Mr Rhino, Mrs Rhino, Janet Rhino and Joseph Rhino.

Black rhino life cycle?

baby rhino-adult rhino

Is the Indian rhino the biggest rhino?

No, it is the second biggest after the White Rhino.

Are rhinos still alive?

There are many extinct species of rhino. However, there are five species of rhinos that are still alive on Earth. They are the black rhino, white rhino, Sumatran rhino, Indian rhino, and Javan rhino.

How many meters is a rhino?

That depends on the species of rhino. The largest rhino, the white rhino, is 3.4 meters to 4 meters long. The smallest rhino, the Sumatran rhino, is only 2.36 to 3.18 meters long.

What rhino species are there?

ther is the white rhino n the black rhino xox

Is a rhino a reptile?

the rhino is not a reptile.

What is the correct name for a rhino?


What is rhino in French?

Rhino thong

What is stronger a Gorilla or a Rhino?

Rhino .

Who is stronger a rhino or a hippo?

A rhino

How do you translate Rhino into Zulu?


Which rhino is the hairiest?

the javan rhino

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