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Q: What is the signifance of the three colours of tiranga?
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What is India's national flag called?


What are the colors in tiranga?

Saffron, white, green

What is the name of Indian flag?

Tiranga Jhanda The tricolour flag

What is the signifance of a siesta?

it's a noon-time nap, it's signifance is to NOT work during the hottest time of day.

How many colours on a tricolour?

There are three colours on a tricolour.

Why do digtal sensors in a camera only need to detect three different colours?

Because those three colours can mix together to create other colours

What three colours are used to build all colours on a color monitor screen?

Im Not So Sure About Colours On A Monitor Screen But.. Humans Can Only See Three Colours, Green, Blue And Red For Example A Leaf Looks Green Because Red And Blue Light Are Being Absorbed But Green Light Is Being Reflected. The Three Colours Mix To Create Other Colours Such As Magenta Or Cyan. If Something Looks Black Its Because All Three Colours Are Being Absorbed If Something Looks White Its Because All Three Colours Are Being Reflected

What is an antonym for signifance?

insignificance, meaninglessness, unimportance

What is the historical significance of hieroglyphics?

The historical signifance of hieroglphs? The historical signifance is hieroglphs were considered a special kind of writing that was only used for temples and royal tombs.

Name for the national flag of India?

it is commonly known as tricolour,if you say tiranga it is the same thing

Writer name Vijayi Vishwa Tiranga Pyara?

Vijayi Vishwa Tiranga Pyara is a phrase in Hindi that translates to "May the Indian tricolor flag always emerge victorious worldwide." It is often used to express patriotism and national pride in India.

What name is given to three colours from which all others colours are made?

Primary colors