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What is the significance of Desdemona's relationship with Othello?


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They are married. It would be hard to have a story about marital jealousy if they weren't.

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Desdemonas father and one of the senators of venice.

desdemonas pity of othellos life struggles

The significance of Desdemona's relationship with Othello is that she marries him dispite knowing her father would not approve. Othello was a black man and was looked down upon because of his race and color. Shakespeare was tackling the race issue way ahead of most people.

They had a good relationship - Othello trusted Cassio and Cassio respected Othello

Iago doesn't like other people to be happy because he is so unhappy himself, notwithstanding the fake "honest Iago" persona he has developed. Since Desdemona is happy in her marriage to Othello, Iago wants to destroy her in the process of destroying Othello.

Cassio and Othello were very close friends before the play.

Casio thinks of Iago as a very dear friend to Othello, but to Iago Casio was a toy to make Othello jealous. what they both have in common is that they both serve under Othello and are dear friends in battle to him.

Brabantio disapproves of Othello and the relationship he has with Brabantio's daughter Desdemona. This is not because Othello is not worthy of Desdemona because he is a much respected officer, but because he is a Moor (in that time an African) and therefore considered beneath the Italian people.

There is no novel of Othello, actually. The famous Othello is a play by Shakespeare. Plays are not novels. If Othello was white, Othello wouldn't have been insecure, his relationship with Desdemona wouldn't be disapproved of and Iago might have hated Othello less. That is, of course assuming that Othello is white and so is everybody else. If Othello were white and everyone else was black, the story would be much the same because Othello's insecurity stems from his feeling of otherness, his feeling that he was different from everyone else. Othello has in fact been staged in this way, with a black cast and a white Othello. It has also been staged with actors playing Othello who are not black but are different from the rest in some other way.

Othello and Desdemona are deeply in love with each other, even though they are very different. Othello has led a life of adventure; Desdemona has hardly been outside her house. Othello is middle-aged; Desdemona is in he late teens or early twenties. Othello is a foreigner who has won his place by merit; Desdemona is from an important Venetian family and has her social status by birth. Othello is dark-skinned; Desdemona is pale. Othello is also very humble, which makes him feel that he is unwarrantably lucky to have the love of a woman like Desdemona. This virtue should enhance their relationship, but it is unfortunately also the chink in Othello's armour through which Iago attacks, making Othello feel that Desdemona must also consider him unworthy of her love.

There are many literary techniques used in Shakespeare's Othello such as the techniques of aside, monologue, soliloquy, actor-audience relationship, dramatic irony and much more.

Othello -( A play of love turned into tragedy due to jealousy) Act 1 : Exposition Iago had a conversation with Rodrigo about the position he thinks he deserves as Cassio. Act 2: Rising Action Othello appointed Cassio as Leutenant. Iago was so upset about it, because he really wants that position but unfortunately he doesnt get it. Due to the position that he doesnt get. He decided to take a revenge by Othello Act 3 : Climax Iago uses Othellos weakness in love to take revenge of him. Iago planted a seed of doubt to Othellos mind. That is by mentioning that he saw Cassio using the Handkerchief that he gave Desdemona as a gift. Act 4 Falling Action Othello was convienced that Desdemona and Cassio had a Relationship. He commanded Iago to kill Cassio Act 5 Catastrophe Iago killed Roderigo unexpectedly and Cassio was just wounded, Iago killed his wife Emilia, because he was affraid that Emilia will tell the truth to Othello and his life would be in danger. Othello ended Desdemonas life and afterwards he killed himself aswell. I hope it helps! Good luck

Its significance is that it represents the relationship between God and the Jews.

Iago's relationship with the other characters is used as a means to an end. He uses their weakness and faults to his advantage and their detriment.

There are many literary techniques used in Shakespeare's Othello such as the techniques of aside, monologue, soliloquy, actor-audience relationship, dramatic irony, animal metaphors, and many more.

In Shakespeare's Othello, Roderigo had no relationship with brabantio nor Desdemona. He liked Desdemona and wanted to be with her but she was madly in love with the moor.

Shakespeare was going for a more literal sense here than a figurative one. He was excepting more witchcraft to have been produced from Desdemona, fracturing what Cassio thought of Othello, despite Othello loving Cassio evermore.

The climax of Othello is when Othello goes into Desdemona's room to kill her.


The address of the Othello Branch Library is: 101 E. Main Street, Othello, 99344 1039

Othello was the play written by William Shakespeare. Othello was a Moor.

Othello is the moor of Venice.

NO! Othello is DEFINITELY a tragedy.

Othello from Shakespeare's Othello? He was a man, didn't have a husband. Had a wife though: Desdemona.

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