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Q: What is the significance of pascal?
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What is the significance of Pascal's triangle?

It generates binomial coefficients.

What did blaise pascal pascal's law?

Blaise Pascal established Pascal's law.

What are some pascal inventions?

Pascal Swirls Pascal invented the Pascal pressure scale

What is the significance of Pascal's Law?

It is basic of hydraulic and pressure transducer design. Break fluid work on the principle of pressure transfer in confined space. Pascal's law contribute greatly to physical science e.g. field of Fluid dynamic and Thermodynamic.

PASCAL compiler is written in which language?

Which Pascal compiler do you mean? Pascal compiler can be written in Pascal, of course.

What does PASCAL stands for in programming?

Pascal is not an acronym. The Pascal programming language was named after French mathematician Blaise Pascal.

Did Pascal discover Pascal's Triangle?

blaise pascal didn't discover Pascal's Triangle the Persians and Chinese discovered it.

Which mathematician invented pathway question?

Blaise Pascal invented pathway questions.

What made pascal invent pascal's law?

ask pascal for more details

What has the author Pascal Pinaud written?

Pascal Pinaud has written: 'Pascal Pinaud'

Is pascal pure object oriented language?

Object Pascal is the object-oriented derivative of Pascal. Pascal itself is not object-oriented.

What is Pascal's full name?

blaise pascal

Who created Pascal's principle?

Blaise Pascal.

Who created pascal's triangle?

Blaise Pascal

Who is the inventor of Pascal's calculator?

Blaise Pascal

Blaze Pascal is associated with?

what is Blaze Pascal

What is MPA (Mega Pascal)?

mega pascal

What is the birth name of Pascal Bataille?

Pascal Bataille's birth name is Pascal De Baget.

What is the birth name of Pascal Nouma?

Pascal Nouma's birth name is Pascal Oliver Nouma.

What is the birth name of Adam Pascal?

Adam Pascal's birth name is Adam Jay Pascal.

What is the birth name of Pascal Payant?

Pascal Payant's birth name is Pascal Alexander Payant.

What is the birth name of Pascal Greggory?

Pascal Greggory's birth name is Pascal Charles Greggory.

Discovered Pascal's triangle and binomial expansion before Pascal?

yang hui discovered pascal's triangle it was discovered 300 years later by pascal

Abbreviation of PASCAL?

Pascal=Pa Kilopascal=kPa

How old was pascal when he made the pascal triangle?