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plains are low lands where the slope of the land is gradual and are suitable for agriculture ,settlement and transportation.

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Q: What is the significance of plains?
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What is the significance of Serengeti Plains?

The reason it has significance is because it has boobies and balls

What is the significance of great plains?

The significance of the Great Planes in the U.S.A. is that it includes Missouri (the best state).

What is the geographic and historical significance of the Plains at nazca?

They aren't sure what the significance is, but it may be symbols of hope for good crops.

What are the different names of plains in Trinidad?

The Caroni Plains, The Nariva Plains and the Naparima Plains

The Central Plains and the Great Plains make up what Plains?

There are Central Plains in Wisconsin and in Texas. But the Wisconsin Central Plains, as well as the Northern Plains (part of the Great Plains) are included in the tall-grass "Prairie Plains" of the Midwest.

What was the purpose of the battle of White Plains?

the purpose of the white plains battle was simply a terriotory issue. Gen.Howe wanted all of New York and New Jersey so he fought Gen. Washington for it. So the main point and answer is that both Howe adn Washington wanted the same land and they fought over it. HOPE IT HELPS(:

Where is the Plains Branch in The Plains located?

The address of the Plains Branch is: 14 S. Plains Rd., The Plains, 45780 1338

What are Lexington plains landforms?

hills and plains

How are flood plains and plains similar?

They are plains

What is the difference between Great plains and the central plains?

The Central Plains are a portion of the Great Plains.

What plains is Austin Texas in central plains or coastal plains?

coastal plains

How are great plains and central plains alike?

they are both plains