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What is the significance of preamble?


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To breifly state the purpose to which the document is being written in the Constitution.


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To briefly state the purpose to which the document is being written.

Emphasis on the people and democracy. It points out the power of the people and individual, not of the collective (like a state or government as a whole)

The significance of the Preamble lies in its components. It embodies the source of the Constitution i.e., the people of India. The terms sovereign, socialist, secular, democratic, republic in the Preamble suggests the nature of the state. The ideals of justice, liberty, equality, fraternity reflects the objectives of the Constitution. It also contains November 26, 1949 as the date of adoption of the Indian Constitution. The philosophy of the Indian Constitution is reflected in the Preamble.

The word preamble means introduction. Words that are synonyms for preamble are prelude and preface. The word preamble is a noun.

the preamble describes the

The opposite of preamble is postscript

what is the preamble of the philippines?

Well preamble is the begging of something. like the preamble of the constitution means the beginning of it.

An excellent example of a preamble would be the the Preamble to the US Constitution . . . See below link:

The Philippines has a preamble that consists 75 words which makes it the longest preamble in the world.

the preamble is in what U.S document ?

what is the function and importance of preamble

You must indicate what "this preamble" is so we can compare it to the US Preamble.

The preamble was written in September 1st 1787

There are 52 words to the preamble of the constitution.

the preamble of this story is about how i learned to read. =)

the preamble was written on the 2nd of June 1776

The Declaration of Independence had a preamble when it was first written.

You can find the preamble in the Philippine Constitution.

Preamble is an statute governing an act.

The Preamble provides the reader with what the purpose of the Constitution is.

The preamble is for "We The People" or the citizens of the United States Of America.

Preamble carries the objectives to be carried out by the government

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