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Q: What is the signiificance of high ptyalin number?
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Which nutrient is digested by ptyalin?

Starch is digested by ptyalin.

Is ptyalin secreted by cells in the stomach?

no ptyalin is not secretes by the cells in the stomach

What is the job of ptyalin?

The enzyme ptyalin ,or salivary amylase acts on starches and converts them to maltose.

How is action of PTYALIN stopped in stomach?

Ptyalin is an enzyme, which means that it is made up of proteins. When a protein enters the stomach, it is denatured by HCL, which is a kind of acid. This results in the Ptyalin no longer being effective.

What is the pronunciation of ptyalin?


What is the purpose of Ptyalin?

Ptyalin is the chemical in human saliva that helps break down food in your mouth.

What does enzyme produce?

Amylase (ptyalin)

Where is ptyalin secreted from?

salivary glands

What enzyme begins the hydrolysis of starch?


What enzymes helps in digestion of starch?


What is source of ptyalin?


Which gland do you think ptyalin which is in the mouth is made in?

Ptyalin is produced in and secreted by the salivary glands, of which humans have three. The parotid, submandibular (submaxillary) and sublingual salivary glands.