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Dimes, Quarters, Halves and Dollar Coins minted before 1965 are 90% silver. To find the value, Take the current silver spot price and multiply by .715. That is what $1.00 face value is worth in silver. Regardless of denomination (dimes, quarters etc.) this still works. Example: The spot price for silver on today was $30.50 per troy once. Multiply $30.50 X .715 = $21.81. So, 4 quarters, 10 dimes, whatever makes $1 face value in silver coins was worth $21.81 today. Silver is always traded by weight, so if the coins are worn, that will be less. If the coin is rare or has intrinsic collector value, it could be worth more. Coins worth more than face value only because of the silver content are referred to as "Junk Silver".

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What is the value of 1979 silver dollar coins?

The coins never had any silver in them and most are face value.

Have US coins always had the same value as they do now?

No, for silver coins as the value of silver changes the value of the coin changes. The same is true for gold coins.

What are some high value coins to look for when buying antique silver coins?

When buying antique silver coins you should be looking for silver dimes, quarters, half dollars and silver dollars. These silver coins are reported to be worth many times their face value today. Each of these coins are heavy with 90% silver.

Are silver coins before 1965 worth more at face value or for silver content?

Pre-1965 silver coins are worth more for the silver than face value.

What is the value of silver dollar coins 1989-1998?

With those dates, the coins are Silver Eagle bullion coins that are made from one ounce of silver and value is whatever the spot price of silver is at time of sale.

Are silver coins worth more than face value?

Yes. Silver coins are worth more than face value.

Will the value of silver coins changed?

The value of silver changes by the hour, so yes

Which coins go up the quickest in value?

Gold and silver coins

What was the value of 30 pieces of silver?

The value of thirty silver coins was the price of a ordinary slave.

Are silver three pence coins of any value?

At minimum, they're worth the value of the silver.

Silver Halfcrowns approx 5lb in weight what value?

If you are interested only in the silver value, not all Halfcrowns were made from pure silver and the post 1947 coins contained no silver at all. Whatever the going rate for silver is. If you are interested in the collector (numismatic) value of the coins, please provide year and condition of the coins.

What is the value of a 1977 silver dollar?

There are no "silver" 1977 coins...they are copper-nickel Eisenhower coins and they are worth $1.00

Value of silver coins?

Are they U.S. coins? Which denominations? Post new question.

What is a collection of presidential silver dollars George Washington through Richard Nixon worth?

These are not made by any US mint, and have no numismatic value. If the coins are silver and not silver plated, the value would be for the silver in the coins.

What is the value of a 2002 Hologram Silver Eagle?

Coins defaced in this manner have no numismatic value. They are worth the value of the silver they contain.

What is the value of a 1985 US silver dollar?

These coins contain no silver and are worth only face value.

What is the value of sterling silver Franklin mint states of the union coins?

Typically the value of Franklin Mint stuff is just for the silver. Any coins they have made have no numismatic collectible value.

What is the value of 1913 silver penny?

Pennies were not minted in silver. If you have a silver Penny it is because somebody has plated it. Modified coins have no value.

Why aren't coins made from silver or gold anymore?

Gold and Silver are worth more than the face value of the coins.

How much is a Silver 1999 mint set worth?

The 1999 Uncirculated Mint set has 18 coins in it but no silver coins. Retail value $14.00 The 1999s Silver Proof set has 9 coins in it. The half, quarters and dime are 90% silver. retail value $288.00

How should you clean silver coins?

You shouldn't. Cleaning old coins diminishes their value.

How much is silver coins melt down prices?

That depends on the price of silver and the denomination you are talking about. Use the link below titled "Melt value of US silver coins" to find the metal value.

Do old British coins have any scrap metal value?

Current British coins have no scrap value as such. The Royal Mint ensures that their coins cannot be profited on. Older British coins with a silver or gold content do have a scrap value based on the current value of silver and gold, but in most cases, especially if the coins are in a reasonable condition, they would have a higher collector value.

Where to sell silver coins for silver value?

Many coin dealers and jewelers buy gold & silver.

3 American silver coins attatchad as a badge as it any value?

value will likely be only for whatever silver it contains