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It's worth about $15.00 for the silver.

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How much is a extremely fine condition 1946 S Brooker T Washington Half Dollar?

Average retail value for a 1946-S BTW half in EF-40 is $16.00.

What is the value of a 5 dollar silver certificate 1934 A serial number I73986427A with a blue seal?

About $6 to $8. BTW, you don't need to post bills' serial numbers. They almost never affect a bill's value.

What is the value of a Booker T. Washington half dollar?

The name of the coin's subject was Booker T. Washington. These commemoratives were issued for several years; see the attached link for more info. Search for "BTW"

What is the classification of silver?

Silver is a transition metal BTW.

What is the value of a silver dollar with the eagle dated 1851?

If it's genuine, between $6000 and $30,000. But there are many counterfeits so any 1851 dollar should be taken to a professional for authentication. BTW, ALL $1 coins are legally required to have an eagle on the back so that's not a distinguishing characteristic.

How much is a 1898 - 1901 gold 1 dollar coin lady head on front eagle on back?

The U.S. stopped making gold $1 coins in 1889. If you have a large Morgan dollar that appears to be gold, it's actually a silver dollar that is either discolored or plated. If it's plated it'll only be worth its silver melt value, around $8 to $10. BTW, the "lady" on old U.S. coins is Miss Liberty!!!

What is the value of 1921 silver dollar that is stamped tails on front and back?

If it has the tails image on both sides, how do you know its date is 1921? In any case if both sides are the same it's a prank coin made by joining halves of 2 genuine coins and has no numismatic value. The good news is that its silver content might be worth $13-$15. BTW, coins are minted or struck rather than "stamped"

I used to give parents of newborn babies a silver dollar with the date of their child's birth I want to start doing this again Why does a dollar coin cost more than face value like other tender?

Modern "golden" dollar coins (small - 26.5 mm, dated 2000 and later) are ordinary circulation pieces that can be gotten from most major banks at face value. They're actually brass, not gold, btw. If you are referring to the American Eagle "dollar" pieces (large - 38 mm), they're not circulation coins, they're bullion pieces that contain an ounce of silver. The $1 denomination is completely artificial. They're sold for their silver value and not for spending. With silver ranging from $10 to $18 an ounce over the last year, they will be quite a bit more expensive than their artificial face value. Slightly older (1971-99) $1 coins have discontinued designs so they're not in circulation much but you can usually get them from a dealer for a very slight markup.

1927 liberty one dollar coin value?

$20 to $25 in average condition. BTW, these coins are commonly called "Peace dollars" because they were issued to honor the end of WW1

What is the value of 1984 Kennedy half-dollar minted with 1984 Lincoln head on it?

50 cents. It wasn't minted that way. It's a privately made novelty item, the flip side of all of those Lincoln cents with a picture of Kennedy stamped on them. (They're only worth 1 cent, btw.)

What is the value of 9 in 215.9?

a tenth :) btw wrong category

How much ia a US 1945 quarter without a mint stamp?

The lack of a mint mark (not "stamp", btw) indicates your coin was struck in Philadelphia. Its current retail value is about $3.25, mostly due to its silver content.

What is the value of a 1934 B1846441D series ten dollar bill?

You need to know the series letter, if any, that comes after the date rather than the bill's serial number. Serial numbers hardly ever affect the value of a bill unless they are low (00000005) or a pattern (12345678, 13577531).Also, you need to identify whether it's a silver certificate (blue seal) or Federal Reserve note (green seal).Take a look at http://www.uscurrencyauctions.com/$10notes.htm for a guide to values.If it's a silver certificate, $20 to $100 depending on condition. If it's a Federal Reserve Note, maybe half that much.BTW serial numbers do not generally affect the value of a bill unless they are unusual, such as 00000005 (low #) or 12345678 (ascending digits) or 13577531 ("radar" pattern)

What is the value of Franklin Mint coins?

Typically the value of Franklin Mint items is its melt value. This is the value of the silver if the item was melted down for its scrap value.Keep in mind that Franklin Mint uses Sterling Silver. It is only 92.5% silver. Pure silver is 99.9% silver. So the melt value is adjusted accordingly. A good rule of thumb is to expect to get about 80% of the price of pure silver.That said, like with any collectible, it is worth what someone else is willing to pay. If you happen to find someone who wants it and values it for more than the melt value, then count yourself lucky, and sell it to them.---- It depends...I sold franklin mint comentaritves for 100 times what they were purchased.But if they had been platinum.. .it would have been 500 times what they were when bought.However they were presidential commentarives..Btw,Franklin mint doesnt use exclusive Sterling Silver... I have franklin mint items that are higher than 92.5% ... However otherwise the above info is good.

Where is the dipstick for the transmission located on 2002 kia spectra?

on the right side of the motor btw motor and the air filter look for small stick half way down btw them

Who would win silver or shadow?

they are strong characters in the game but silver and shadow are the same strength so one time shadow will win and another silver would win BTW shadow dies :(

How do you get rainbow wing in Pokemon sole silver?

You look around. BTW the game is spelled: SOUL SILVER. lolz i am loling soo hard sole silver! LOL. I am L ing O L.

What does a Susan B. Anthony silver dollar coin look like?

It's the same color as a quarter but a bit larger. It has a portrait of Ms. Anthony on the front and an eagle landing on the moon on its back. The dates will be 1979, 1980, 1981, or 1999. BTW the coin is made of copper-nickel, not silver. Any that you find in change are only worth $1.

What is the currency in Lebanon?

the currency in Lebanon is the lebanese Lira, or pound(LBP) BTW, every 1500LBP is equal to one dollar.

What is the absolute value of21?

absolute value is any number turned positive...so even if 21 is already positive, the absolute value is 21, the absolute value of -21 is 21 btw.

What is the cash value of a 1905 silver barber dime with no mint stamp?

Retail is $2 if very worn, $6 if only moderately worn, and $20 if almost like new.BTW, the letter is called a mint mark rather than stamp.

What should I use in Pokemon Soul Silver?

I have Typhlosion, Togetic, Vaporeon Butterfree and Machamp. Im not swapping any btw

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