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The similar meaning of scared is terrified and famished

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Q: What is the similar meaning of scared?
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What is the similar meaning to afraid?


What is posterior similar meaning to?

posterior is similar in meaning to what?

What is the similar meaning to rapid?

I think the similar meaning is quick.

Does the words IT'S and ITS have similar or contradictory meaning?

similar meaning

What word has the same meaning as worried?


Poly- has a similar meaning with?

Poly has a similar meaning with multi-.

Which word has a similar meaning to iconic?

Representative has a similar meaning to iconic.

What word is most similar in meaning to expedite?

similar in meaning to expedite.

Similar meaning to masticate?

A similar meaning to masticate is the word: chew.

Meaning of butterflies on the stomach?

it means nervous or scared.

What is the meaning of dreaming you were attacked by a bear?

You are scared of bears.

Meaning of Sirisha in Telugu?

scared, delicated flower

What is the meaning of nervous?

Someone who is frightened or scared of something.

Word similar to another in meaning?

The word for a word that is similar to another in meaning is synonym.

Is a synonym a word that's similar or dissimilar in meaning to another word?

similar in meaning.

Similar meaning of pharasel verb economize?

similar meaning of pharasel verb economize

What is a word that has a meaning similar to a given word?

The term for a word with similar meaning is a synonym.

Why was Scrooge scared to go with the ghost of Christmas past?

Scrooge was scared of this spirit because he was going to show him the meaning of Christmas

What are words with similar meaning and sounds called?

Words with similar meaning are called synonyms. Words with similar sounds are called homonyms.

Why earthworms scared from salt?

because they are not salt worms It's not that they're "scared" of salt but, similar to slugs, salt isomers affect the "worm" as well as the "slug" similar to having hyrdochloric acid poured on we humans.

What is a word that is similar in meaning to another word?

A "synonym" of a word is one that can have the same or a similar meaning.

What word is similar to the word family?

This is an ambiguous question. It is not clear whether you are looking for words that have a similar sound, or a similar meaning to the word family. In terms of sound, familial sounds rather similar. In terms of meaning, clan, or relatives has a similar meaning.

Words with similar meanings for scare?

Verbs similar to "to scare" could be to frighten, to terrify, or to startle.For example: "He jumped out and scared me!"

What is the meaning of laurel winters egg horror poem?

The meaning is that eggs are scared, too! :D just as us people get scared. eggs are scared to die. That's my take on it, atleast. The meaning of this poem is that you pray and pray until the moment comes when you find out if your praying works out or not. BUT i think that Laurel Winters is the only one to really ask what the meaning is. Peace!!<3

How do you tell what a guinea pigs squeaks mean?

Usually when they squeak it means that they are scared or stressed but occasionally, when you give them food or something similar, they will squeak and you will hear the slightly more excited sound meaning they are excited.