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Much of the trade during the Middle Ages was based on

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Q: What is the similarity between the Black Death and the Enlightenment?
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Related questions

When did the black death reach England?

The Black Death reached England between 1348 and 1350.

When did the enlightenment end?

The Enlightenment ended with the death of Voltaire.

When did the black death hit Europe?

It is believed that the black death reached Europe in 1346. The black death is estimated to have killed between 30 and 60 percent of Europe's total population.

What are three factors that contributed to this huge death toll in the Black Death?

poor understanding of Black Death. Misconceptions, gap between servants and masters.

When was the black plauge?

The Black Death peaked between 1348 and 1350.

When was the black death start?

The Black Death was one of the deadliest pandemics in Human history peaking between 1348 and 1350 in Europe

What is the effect of black death of Europe?

The Black Death (Bubonic Plague) peaked in Europe between 1347 and 1350 with 30% to 65% dead.

Was the black death a form of malaria?

Malaria is a Mosquito born infectious disease widespread in tropical and sub tropical places. It causes fever, headache and sometimes death. The Black Death was caused by populations of fleas carried by ground rodents, such as rats. Symptoms were the growth of a kind of 'boil' on the groin, neck and armpits which oozed pus and bled when opened. The only similarity was to be bitten by something, mosquitoes for Malaria and fleas for the Black Death

What are the similarities between the Black Death and the Spanish Flu?

There really is not much of a similarity between the two besides the fact that the both caused a worldwide pandemic. The black death was caused by the bacteria Yersinia pestis, while the Spanish influenza was caused by a highly virulent strain of influenza virus (H1N1). The most common form of the black death (bubonic plague) is believed to have spread by bites from infected fleas carrying the bacteria. Pneumonic plague, which was less common by more virulent was spread through the respiratory tract. Similarly influenza is also an airborne disease, however, other than that they are completely different pathogens that occured in completely different time periods.

When did the black death take place?

The Black Death took place between 1346 and 1350. It first arrived in Europe during the year 1347

What is the difference between the Black death and the bubonic plague?

hey are the say thing but the black death can also cause numbess of the tips of the toes and fingers.

What is the black death and why is it called the black death?

The Black Death is a specific outbreak of the bubonic plague. Between 1347 and 1352, it killed nearly a third of Europe's population, with the death toll going to three quarters of the people in some areas. At the time, it was called the Great Pestilence. It came to be called the Black Death much later, by writers who used the term black to indicate its misery.

What Is Enlightenment for Buddhism?

Enlightenment is a stage for Buddhas in which you are released from your cycle of life death and re-birth.

Why did the Europeans name this disease the black death?

The Europeans named this diesease the black death because of the black buboes appearing under your arms and between your legs these were of a black colour and the size of an onion their feces were black and explosive

When did the black death begin?

in Europe between 1348 and 1350

What are the similarities between the Black Death and the H1N1 virus?


What difference is between the Bubonic plague and the black death?

This is history!

What is the difference between the Black Death and Ebola?

The Black Death is caused by a bacteria and can be treated with antibiotics. Ebola is a virus and there is no known treatment of vaccine.

How did some people try not to catch the black death?

Some people tried not to catch the black death by staying home and away from other humans. The Pope at the time of the black death spent hours sitting down between two hot fires trying to scare away the "evil spirits" that gave people the black death.

How long did it take for the black death to spread?

Between 24 hours

Is there a link between the black death and any modern diseases?

Not yet.

Was the town of Weymouth affected by the Black Death?

The Black Death entered Britain through the port of Weymouth on the 25th June 1348. It killed between 30 and 50% of the population

What is the color that symbolizes death in China?

" Black is associated with dirt, evil, disasters, and sadness due to its similarity to feces. Black signifies misfortune and bad luck and is never worn at weddings or celebrations. Traditional Chinese also avoid using this color in any home decorations."

What are similarities between the African Slave trade and the Black Death?

There are no similarities. The slave trade was a vile thing, but not a deadly disease like the plague or Black Death as it was called.

What happens when you die according to Buddhism?

Buddhism regards death and rebirth as a cycle which continues endlessly until enlightenment is attained. At that point the essence of the person may enter state of Nirvana or egoless self. Some Buddhists feel the enlightened person may opt not to enter to Nirvana but return to the cycle of death and rebirth to instruct others in their progress towards enlightenment. The period between death and rebirth is not consistent in all Buddhist sects