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weathering rock water goes through cracks and it freezes then expands and breaks down rock same thing for trees and ice

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What is the similarity in the way tree roots and ice mechanically weather rock?

Both open existing fractures in rock by hydraulic action.

How tree roots mechanically weather rock?

Tree roots grow in between cracks in the rock and break the rock in half.

Describe the similarity in the ways tree roots and ice mechanically weather rock?

i dont know, do u? what kind of question is THAT anyways? (get a life, geez)

How both tree roots and prairie dogs mechanically weather rock?


What is a similarity between Roots and Stems?


How does both tree roots and prairie dogs mechanically weather rock?

They burrow which is mechanically weathering, because when they burrow they loosen it into sediments physically

What is the similarity between a potato and a radish?

they both grow on roots

What are similarities between the ways that tree roots and ice mechanically weather rock?

When these elements erode away rock it is similar because first the tree roots break the rock down and then the water comes and freezes and also breaks the rock.

What describes the main similarity between the roots of a plant and the mouth of an animal?

They Both Take In Water.

How do plants mechanically weather rock?

The roots of certain plants can break or crack into a rock, making the rock more susceptible to frost wedging (ice wedging).

How both tree roots and prairie dogs mechanically weather rocks?

Tree roots can weather rock by the exertion of hydraulic force, prying apart and further weathering existing cracks in rock. Prairie dogs are burrowing animals that contribute to mechanical weathering by scratching at rocks and also by knocking them together, abrading them.

What is the similarities between a coconut tree and a cacao tree?

They both have leaves, roots, and a trunk. There the similarity ends, because the coconut tree is a palm.

How can tree roots weather rock?

Tree roots weather rocks because the roots go so deep under the ground that it can crack the rocks and then the rocks will eventually wear away when the water comes through from the ground.

How do tree roots and ice mechanically weather rock?

Mechanical weathering is caused by ice by water seeping into a crack in, say, a rock. The water then freezes, pushing the crack a little wider. And next time, even wider. And so on. This process is called ice wedging. Mechanical weathering is caused by growing roots in a similar way. The roots grow bigger and bigger. As they grow larger, they push the soil and anything inside it apart.

What is the difference between grass roots and shrub roots?

Grass roots have thin roots while shrub roots have thick roots.......hahaha

Square root of 47 is between which two roots?

Between the roots 6 and 7.

Explain how tree roots can weather rock?

I am sorry but this answer is a hard one!

What do you call someone that roots for the best teams?

Fair weather supporter

Why does cactus have roots?

A Cactus has roots to absorb as much water as possible when it rain also to support the Cactus when it bad weather such as wind.

How do plants affect earths landform?

The growth of plant roots can weather the rocks

What is the difference between corn roots and bean roots?

they are diffrent thing and crops

What is the difference between real solutions and real roots when dealing with discriminant?

There is no difference between real solutions and real roots.

Name 3 things that can that can weather rocks?

Lichens, tree roots, and animal hooves.

Describe at least three processes that mechanically weather rock?

(1) frost wedging--the expansion of freezing water pries rock apart; (2) pressure release--the reduction of pressure on a brittle rock mass, which can cause it to crack as it expands; (3) plant growth--as roots grow in cracks, the rock mass breaks up.

What are the differences between primary roots and secondary roots?

Primary roots grow first and their much more thicker when the secondary roots grow out of the primary and their not as thick either