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Inverness, Stirling, Dundee, Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

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What was the score between england against scotland 2011 rbs six nations at twickenham?

England 22-16 Scotland England won the Calcutta Cup by beating Scotland in this Six Nations match.

Which are the 6 nations?

The Six nations, as in the Six Nations Championship for rugby, are England, France, Ireland, Scotland, Italy and Wales. The Six nations, as in the Six Nations Championship for rugby, are England, France, Ireland, Scotland, Italy and Wales.

When was the last time Scotland won the Six Nations Rugby?

Scotland has never won the Six Nations although they won the last Five Nations in 1999.

How many people live in the cities of Scotland?

In the six cities of Scotland there are approximately 1.9 million people.

How maneys degrees of latitude separate the American citiesof New Orleans and Philiadelphia?

whydon't you try to spell stuff right next time then I'll answer

What six the courntires participate in the rugby union?

If you meant the Six Nations, the answer is England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, France and Italy.

What teams are the six nations?

England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, France & Italy

Which is the most northern city in Scotland?

Scotland has six official cities, from north to south they are: Inverness Aberdeen Dundee Stirling Edinburgh Glasgow

How old was Maria Stuart she become quin of Scotland?

Mary Stuart became queen of Scotland - at just six days old ! She was born on the 8th of December 1542. Her father, James V of Scotland died just six days later - on the 14th. Making her just six days old when she inherited the throne. Most of her childhood was spent in France - while 'regents' ruled in her place. She returned to Scotland in 1561 to re-take her place on the throne.

How many cities and towns are there in Scotland?

There are officially six cities and literally hundreds of towns.

How many cathedrals are their in England?

There are 42 cathedrals in England, 8 in Scotland, and six in Wales

What are the six nations in rugby?

The six nations is a tournament played every year between England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, France and Italy.

Where can you get cheap scotland v england six nations rugby tickets?

The cheapest place to buy without using ticket agent is direct from the Scotland or England RFU

Which countries play in the Six Nations rugby championship?

The Six Nations Rugby Championship is contested by England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland and Wales.

What teams are in the six nations in rugby in 2009?

England France Ireland Italy Scotland Wales

What are the six largest mountain ranges in the UK?

The Cuillin (on Skye, and island off Scotland) Monadhliath Mountains (Scotland) Grampian Mountains (Scotland) Cairngorm Mountains (Scotland) Cambrian Mountains (Wales) - The Brecon Beacons - Snowdonia The Pennines (England) The Lake District (England) The Peak District (England)

How far apart is Canada's time zone from Scotland?

Scotland is in the GMT timezone while Canada has six different zones:NDT is three and a half hours behind ScotlandADT is four hours behindEDT is five hours behindCDT is six hours behindMDT is seven hours behindPDT is eight hours behind

What six teams are in the six nations this year?

Same as always. England, Scotland, Wale, Ireland, France and Italy. The teams in the 6 Nations don't change.

What six countries have attended to the commonwealth games?

The six nations that have attended every Commonwealth Games are Australia, Canada, England, New Zealand, Scotland, and Wales.

Witch Country is 11 miles away from ireland?


Who is the youngest person in Scotland to get their appendix removed?

Me? I had my gall bladder and appendix removed when I was six weeks old.

What is the six nations cup?

A rugby tournament between England, Ireland, wales, Scotland, France and Italy

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