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size: 26-32 inches (.7-.8m) at the shoulder. weight: 55-130 lbs (25-59 kg); Males are typically heavier and taller than the females

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Q: What is the size and weight of a wolf?
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How big is the wolf?

The wolf varies in size due to the species, and wolf alone. The females tend to be lighter in weight than in the males, as well as size, they are smaller.

Is a man bigger than a wolf?

No. Both are about the same size and weight.

What is the size height and weight of the red wolf?

size: 23cm longheight: 10 ftweight: 2 stoneHAHAHAHAHAHAHAwork it out ur selves

Is a wolf stronger than a gorilla?

No. A gorilla has a weight and size advantage over the wolf, and has two powerful arms that can kill a wolf. The wolf would need to think twice before messing around with a gorilla.

Is a wolf bigger than a lynx?

No, both are about the same size/weight.

What is the average weight of a timber wolf?

The average weight of a male timber wolf is around 85 pounds. The average weight of a female timber wolf is around 70 pounds.

What is the average size of the Arctic wolf?

weight differs between males and females, usually 50-70kg, or 110-155 pounds, sometimes as low as 100 pounds. the biggest wolf on record is an arctic wolf at 175 pounds.

Weight of a wolf spider?

The weight of a wolf spider varies. This is because there are over 1300 different species of wolf spiders, all with different weights.

What is the average size of a gray wolf?

The average length is 3 - 7 feet long. The average weight is 30 - 176 pounds.

What is the record weight for a wolf?

According to the U.S. National Park Service, the largest verified weight for a wolf is 175lbs.

What is the size of a gray wolf pack?

The size of a Grey wolf pack is usually 7 - 12 wolves.

What is the weight for a timber wolf?

The weight depends on where the timber wolf lives and is 70 - 140 pounds, or 80 - 175 pounds.

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