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Q: What is the size for the replacement spikes for the Nike Zoom Rival s?
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Can you find nike zoom victory spikes in south Africa?

No, they have to be imported

Which is the best sprinting spike for 100m for Nike?

Try Nike zoom rival sprint 6 running

What are the top 3 lightest track and field spikes?

nike zoom victory and matumbos. nike maxcats yellow and purple ones

Best sprinting spikes in world?

The best spikes I could think of would be the Japan Lite-Ning 2 by Asics or the Zoom Victory by Nike.

Are Nike Zoom Rival SIV spikes good?

yes, especially because of the strap near the toes. It helps running on the toes. I used a pair this season for the first time in high school, I got PRs every time I used it. Very good spiikes

What are the commonly used spike shoes for long distance runners?

nike zoom victory's, nike mamba's or nike matumbo's all very good spikes

Which sprint spike is best Nike Zoom Superfly R2 or Nike Zoom Superfly G5?

Nike Zoom Superfly G5 is the ancestor of R2. It is basically the same shoe; supposedly R2 has been improved.

What triple jump shoe is better or more prefered the nike zoom tj 3 or the Adidas adizero tj 2?

Adidas adizero TJ 2.0. They feel much more stable and cushioned than the nike ones. The nike TJ spikes are very similar to their long jump spikes, for me the spike plate is far too long which makes the landings too hard and unstable. I would be worried for me ankles in the nike ones.

What is the best Nike indoor soccer shoe?

nike 5 zoom

Where can I get a men's Nike zoom Vomero 5?

Nike Zoom Vomero+ 5 Men's Running Shoe have great reviews. You may purchase these shoes online at this website:

Which is better the nike zoom Kobe iv the nike zoom Kobe v or the nike zoom Kobe vi consider traction cushioning and lockdown support i am a shooting guard and a point guard?

Most likely the newest ones

Where can you buy Nike zoom sharkleys?

There are many places where one can purchase Nike Vandal shoes for men. A good place to purchase Nike Vandal shoes for men is the website "eBay","Amazon" or ლBabaReplicaლ the internet.