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the diameter of human hair varies from about 40 microns to 120 microns.

a micron or micrometer is a millionth of a meter.

Copy paper thickness is about 100 microns (or 0.1 millimeter).

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what is the diameter of a human hair in inches

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100 micrometers

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Q: What is the size of a human hair?
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What is the size of human hair in microns?

Human hair varies from about 40 microns to 120 microns.

What is the average size of a human hair in nanometers?

40,000 to 120,000 nanometers.

The size of the fallopian tube is about times the thickness of a human hair?


What is the approximate size of a human red blood cell?

20 micrometers (a human hair is 200 micrometers)

Is a strand of human hair stronger than a strand of steel the same size?

No, it is not.

Is a strand of human hair or strand of steel the same size stronger?


What is the size of hair (width) in millimeters?

Human hair ranges from approx 0.017 to 0.181 millimetres in width.

How much smaller is the atom than the size of human hair?

ten thousand times

Do Pekingese dogs have human hair?

human have human hair and pekingese has dog hair

What human traits is altered by variations in environment?

Skin color, hair color, body size...

Are all wigs that says 100 percent human hair is all human hair?

They should be, but be cautious. Some companies do advertise human hair, but it's human hair blend or human hair mixed with animal hair.

What is the smallest particle size that can be seen with the naked human eye?

100 Micron100 Micron's = 0.1 millimeter, about the width of a human hair.

Do guinea pigs have human hair or pet fur?

Only humans have "human hair." Some animals have hair, but it is not human hair.

How big is a gene?

The size of a gene can vary, there is no specific size. However, the average human gene consists of 3000 base pairs (or about 1/1000mm). That's about 1/100 of the width of a human hair.

What is the width of a human hair in centimeters?

Human hair varies in size greatly. A child's head hair can be as fine as 0.05mm. An adult's head hair can be as course as 0.25mm. Adult eye- brow hair can be as thick as 0.3mm. Hair is circular in shape, not flat like grass. Things which are circular or round in shape, do not have 'thickness', they have 'diameter'.The sizes above express the Diameter of Hair. In the Imperial system of measure, human hair varies between 0.002 inch & 0.010 inch Diameter.

Does any cat have human hair?

NO. Even if the cat had "human-like" hair it wouldn't be human hair because it grew from a cat.

Which traits in this investigation showed a blending of genes?

Hair, Spacing of eyes, Size of eyes, Size of nose, Shape of lips, Size of ears, Size of mouth-Based on Investigating Inherited Human Traits Lab

What is the width of a human hair?

The width of a human hair is 0.0018 cm.

Do teacup yorkies have human hair?

teacup Yorkies do have human hair

How much hair does a human have?

How much hair a human has will depend on their ancestors. The amount of hair, color, and thickness of hair is genetic.

Which is larger a lymphcyte or a human hair?

A human hair is bigger than a lymphocyte human hair- 200 micrometers, lymphocyte 20 micrometers

What is premium human hair?

Premium human hair is 100% human hair that contains some synthetic fibers to give it a natural look

What is the main difference between human hair and dog hair?

human hair is on a person, dog hair is on a dog :)

What size is a red blood cell?

~6 um.(about six micrometers)For scale a human hair is about 40 um in diameter.

Can dogs with human hair get fleas?

Dogs don't have human hair. They have fur.

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