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Air soft shotgun shells are the size of 12 gauge shotgun shells.

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Q: What is the size of an air soft shotgun shell?
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What kind of ammo does a Smith Wesson Air soft Shotgun have?

air soft pellets

What air soft gun is better pistol or rifles or shotgun?

An automatic electric gun would be the best

Can you use plastic air-soft pellets inside a shot-gun shell for target practice?

No, not advisable.

What is air shell?

Air Shell is a shell is air in it.....duhhh

Can air soft guns fire bb's?

Yeah most can depending on the size

Can a Air soft spring pistol shoot metal bbs?

No. Wrong size.

What is difference between air soft and soft-air?

Soft-air is a rip off of Air-soft

What is the night prowler air soft gun accuracy?

Pie plate size or so

What size air soft BBS do walmart have?

It matters where you live, you can find BBS in Sports.

What is a bolt action air soft gun?

All Bolt action rifles work the same. When you fire you have to manually operate the Bolt to eject the shell casing and load the next shot. This must be done for each shot until the rifle is empty. In the case of Air soft there is no Shell casing, but it's the same action to load and fire.

What is the different between air soft and soft gun?

Air soft is the common term, soft air is the correct name.

Is a birds egg soft when laid?

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