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it's smaller than the Earth, about the size of Mars


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Ganymede is less than half the size of Earth.

No, Ganymede is about 6 times smaller than the Earth. It is about twice the size of our moon, though.

Ganymede is a satellite of Jupiter. Jupiter takes 11.85 years to orbit the sun.

Ganymede is about half the size of the Earth. It has a radius of approximately 2,635 km whereas the Earth's radius is 6,371 km.See link for size comparison

it is 390,019,410 miles from earth to ganymede

it is 390,019,410 miles from earth to ganymede

It is 1.43 ms-2 compared to 9.81 ms-2 on earth.

9x's the size of Earth<3

No. Not even close. The diameter of Ganymede is a third that of Earth, the density of Ganymede is 1/6th that of Earth, and that MASS of Ganymede is about 5% of Earth's. Ganymede is about 50% larger than our Moon, but only about twice as massive. By density, Ganymede is a fluffball.

Mercury is about 30% the size of Earth.

Mars is approximately half the size of the Earth.

The moon is approximately 27% of the size of Earth

my answer is it is half the size to earth.

Venus is four-fifths the size of Earth.

An atom is the size of an orange compared to the Earth.

3 earths would be able to fit inside Neptune so in comparison Neptune's size is big compared to Earth

Ganymede is the largest moon in the solar system, one of the four main moons of Jupiter. Its surface gravity is 0.146g or 14.6% of the earths. A 100kg man would weigh 14.6kg on Ganymede.

Saturn is 764 times the size of Earth.

Mercury's radius is approx 0.38 that of the Earth.

There are none know that are that big. The biggest one known is Jupiter's Ganymede at 3,272 miles across.

A Rhinoceros Beetle, compared to its size.

Yes. The stars you see from Ganymede are the same ones you see from Earth.

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