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The volume of the Atlantic Ocean with its adjacent seas is 354,700,000 km(3)

(85,093,000 mi(3)) and without them 323,600,000 km(3) (77,632,000 mi(3). ...

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Is the Atlantic ocean increasing or decreasing in size?

*The Atlantic Ocean is in fact increasing in size while the Pacific Ocean is slowly decreasing in size.

Which is larger the Atlantic or the Pacific ocean?

The Pacific is twice the size of the Atlantic.

What is happening to the size of the south Atlantic ocean?

the Atlantic is growing in size because the tectonic plates are divergent, meaning they are separating.

Size of the north Atlantic ocean?

The Atlantic Ocean is about 29.65 million square miles.

In size which ocean is twice as large as the Atlantic?

The Pacific Ocean is twice as large as the Atlantic Ocean.

How much does the Atlantic Ocean increase in size and why?

The Atlantic Ocean increases and decreases in size over time. These changes are said to be lead by the effects of Global Warming.

What ocean is about half the size of the Pacific?

Atlantic Ocean

How does the size of the future Atlantic ocean compare with its present size?

The Atlantic Ocean is still getting bigger, but in a few million years it is estimated to shrink down to nothing.

What are the oceans in order of size?

Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Artic

Is the Atlantic ocean higher than the Pacific?

no, it is smaller in size

What causes the size of the Atlantic Oceans growth?

Melting Glaciers

The Atlantic ocean grows in size due to a?

divergent boundary

Which Is ocean biggestatlantic or Indian?

the Atlantic is larger than the Indian Ocean this is the order in size::: The Pacific, Atlantic, Indian and the Arctic Ocean

Size of Atlantic Ocean in square miles?

The Atlantic Ocean's area is 41,081,000 square miles.

Is the Pacific Ocean twice the size of the Atlantic Ocean?

yes. yes it is.

Is the pacific ocean same size as the Atlantic ocean?

The Pacific Ocean is the world's largest, in area. It is much larger than the Atlantic Ocean.

What is happening to the size of the Atlantic ocean?

The 70s turn alive and cuts everyone

How big is the Atlantic salmon?

The average size of Atlantic salmon is 28-30 inches (71-76 cm) long and 8-12 pounds...

What is the second largest ocean in the world?

The Atlantic Ocean is the 2nd largest, and separates the Americas from Europe and Africa. The "oceans" on Earth in order of size are the Pacific, the Atlantic, the Indian, and Arctic Ocean. Some maps refer to the southernmost portions of the Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific as the Southern Ocean, which would be the 4th in size.

Why does subduction affects the size of the Atlantic Ocean?

because butts fell in the water and the water kept rising so the size increased.

Which ocean is warmer the Atlantic or the pacific?

No Ocean is really warmer, it just depends on the latitude. But the Pacific has a larger size, so it is warmer than the Atlantic on average.

How are the oceans listed according to size from smallest to largest?

Artic, Indian, Atlantic, Pacific

Which ocean is increasing most in size over time?

At the moment it is the Atlantic Ocean that is doing this.

What happened to the Atlantic Ocean if there is a new formation of new crust on its ocean floor?

The new crust does and will displace the water. The formation of new crust along the Mid-Atlantic ridge is also increasing the size of the Atlantic Ocean.

Is the Pacific Ocean 10 times the size as the Atlantic Ocean?

No. The Pacific Ocean is 165,200,000 km² whereas the Atlantic Ocean is 106,400,000 km². This makes the Pacific Ocean 1.5 times larger than the Atlantic Ocean.