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Q: What is the size of the trimmer line for a weed eater max te475y?
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What size string goes into a weed eater LT7000 string trimmer?

0.080" per 1993 manual

What size nylon line does the S1400 John Deere trimmer use?

.080" is nominal and 0.095 an option

What is the average time that a cordless trimmer will operate?

The average time a cordless trimmer will operate is about thirty minutes. Of course, this depends on the size of the trimmer compared to the size of its battery, or even the amount of work it has to weed through.

What is the size of the replacement line needed for Weed Eater Model 1212?

.065 X 30' Weed Eater P/N 952-701663 or Poulan P/N 701521

What size string goes in Stihl string trimmer?

Depends on the Model of stihl trimmer you have. The 45 home trimmer from stihl takes .080 but from that model to the larger more expensive ones the string size gets larger.

What size string for the weed eater electra lite 9?

I own one; the recommended line diameter is .065 inches.

What is the trimmer string size for a solo 124?

0.095" nominally

What size clutch does stihl put on their FS 130 trimmer?

shema motora

What size wrench for a spark plug on a weed trimmer?

Mine is 3/4

What size motor is included on a typical gas hedge trimmer?

The most common size motor in a gas hedge trimmer is a 25 cc motor. More and more of them are being made with 26-27 cc motors.

What size blade come on my weed eater riding lawn mower?

The manufacturers instructions should include the blade size for your weed eater lawn mower.

Is braided trimmer line stronger than regular trimmer line?

Braided line is the best!!Braided line is much better then the cheap, crappy line that is supplied with a trimmer. The supplied line is much cheaper, but you can not edge or cut around fences without the line snapping. Braided line is awesome depending on the thickness you use. If you are planning to have a perfect job trimming your lawn I would recommend a gas trimmer, you can pick a cheap gas weed whacker for about $70, and then upgraded to a braided string. The braided string cost about $10 depending on the thickness and size of spool. Braided string is worth the cost though!!Yes the star, or braided line, while more expensive, is superior to any other line currently available, though the quality of the specific line will vary depending on manufacturer.The reason for it's superiority include the fact that a round, an oval, or even a square line, (square line, though hard to find, is available), has a lower tensile strength than the braided line. this is due to the design of the string.To keep the answer a little more simple, what type of edge cuts a steak most effectively, a round one, or one that is pointed? Along with this, the braided line has bulk, (size, or diameter), and multiple points where the sharp edge(s) make contact, whereas the oval line only has two.