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Q: What is the skin of an apple called?
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What is an apple's skin called?

apple skin

What is a skinned apple called?

Apple with no skin

What is the outside of an apple called?

The outside of an apple is covered in a waxy shell called a skin. Many people remove the skins before eating apples.

What is the definition of apple skin?

skin that comes off an apple

What is healthier the apple or skin of apple?

Both are equally as important and its always better to eat an apple with the skin on! :)

Which part of the apple contains the most fiber?

The skinThe skin of the apple.

What is in the skin of an apple?

An apple's skin has vitamins and flavonoid called "quercetin" that prevents wrinkles from forming. Aside from that, apples are also known to help avoid heart diseases. As the saying goes, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away". This is true. So, keep eating those apples.

What is a velvet apple?

The Velvet apple (also called Mabolo) is not a real apple but rather a rare tropical fruit that is related to ebony trees. The name is well chosen as it looks like an apple but with a rather velvety skin, similar to a peach.

Why is an apple an apple?

An apple is called an apple because an apple is a fruit. The round fruit of a tree of the rose family, which typically has thin red or green skin and crisp flesh. Its from the rose family that is correct , but why do we have names for nicknames and names for a relative of a certain meaning? You and i wonder why...

Can dogs eat apple skin?

Apple skin is safe for a dog to eat, you just need to avoid the pips found in the core of the apple.

Correct apostrophe for The apples skin was rather tough?

This is a possessive - "The skin of the apple" so it goes "The apple's skin was rather tough" If there's more than one apple you'd say "The apples' skins were rather tough"

How many calorie are in an apple with skin?

An average apple with skin is 53 calories. If one prefers an apple without skin, the calorie amount is approximately the same, but lacks a sufficient amount of fiber.

How many calories in a granny smith apple without the peeling?

A medium apple without the skin is about 70-75 cal. A large apple (no skin) is 90-100

Where should the apostrophe go the apples skin was rather tough?

You could say The apple's skin was rather tough. The apple skin was rather tough is even better.

What part of an apple is healthiest..the skin or the meat?

It would be the skin

Are apple skin poisonous?

No, but apple seeds contain a toxic substance.

How many carbs are in a small red apple?

One medium apple, with its skin on is 25grams.....

What is the inside of an apple called?

The Inside Of An Apple Is Called A Core, It Is Not Called The Meat Of The Apple

What does an apple do to your skin?

rotting it.

How much fiber is in an apple?

It depends on the size of the apple, but an apple including skin has about 0.7 grams of fiber per ounce. A medium (4.9 oz) apple has 3.3 grams of fiber.

What is apple flesh?

The part of the fruit under the skin but outside the apple core.

Does apple juice have fiber?

No but there is in apple skin and pulp the reason that theirs no fibre is because during the process of making clear apple juice they remove the skin and pulp therefore it loses it's fibre

What tiny fruit grows on a vine has orange skin and red seeds?

The vine is called a balsam apple. The fruit and seeds may be toxic.

What are the connection of apple in world?

because they have the same layer the crust which is the skin of an apple the mantle the white part of an apple and the core which is the seed of an apple.

What is a dried apple called?

Dried apple is called just that: dried apple.