Apples grow on trees and are a member of the rose family. They are one of the most widely cultivated tree fruits in the world.

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Why are some store fruits so big?

The largest seed producer in the world is a corporation called Monsanto. They are known for heavily genetically engineering fruits and vegetables to grow larger and more consistent than naturally grown foods.


How do you treat boron deficiency in apple trees?

Apply agricultural borax to treat boron deficiency in apple trees [Malus domestica]. The rate should be 0.25 pounds for dwarf or young trees, 0.5 for mature trees, and 1 pound for very large trees. The application needs to be made in the fall or winter and should be done every third year until the problem is solved. It also needs to be done either 3-6 feet away from the trunk of young trees or near the drip line of older trees.

The easiest way is to apply a general fertiliser containing trace elements as a Boron deficiency is only part of the problem.

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Is it true that apples don't really have cores?

The no core theory was popularized by a 2013 video by Foodbeast in which an apple was eaten whole—seeds and all—from the bottom up, eliminating the “core” entirely. Some oppose this apple eating method based on safety concerns, as apple seeds contain amygdalin, which releases cyanide when digested. However, you’d have to eat roughly 18 apples (including seeds) to even get close to a lethal dose.

So, you can safely eat through an entire apple. With that established, the confusion then lies in what constitutes the actual core. By one definition, the core is just the thin, fibrous band that runs through the center of an apple, containing the seeds and attaching to the stem.

However, The Atlantic argues that the “core” is actually what we choose to leave behind after consumption, which varies from person to person, and eating the apple in its entirety prevents the core from ever existing. They also state that most of us waste up to 30 percent of perfectly good fruit as a result of avoiding the core.

One study suggests that the core and seeds actually contain the highest concentration of healthy bacteria, and researchers encouraged people to consume the entire apple to get the most nutritional benefit.

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Can you grow apple trees in the tropics?


Coach Dave here and I work for The Home Depot.

With over 7500 different types of apples you would think there would be at least one. Unfortunately in true tropical areas this is very unlikely to happen.

However, there is subtropical types that are mainly for baking. These are not sweet but they are apples. If you have a a nursery in the area let them know your looking for subtropical apple trees like "Williams' Pride" or "Tropical Beauty" however these are very prone to disease and pest's.

There is a tropical fruit called Custard Apple tree. This is not really an apple at all but I heard it taste's great.

Most apples tree require 600 to 1000 hours(25-40 days) of chill time (winter weather) for the tree to properly make apples of any type of edible fruit.

In conclusion I would recommend trying other fruit like: kiwi, passion fruit, cherimoya, guava, star fruit, or papaya instead.

I wish you all the best,

Coach Dave

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How many sugar grams are in a raw apple?

It depends upon the size of the apple. If it is a small apple with about 70 calories, it will have about 15 gram of total sugar. If the apple is large and has about 115 calories, it will have about 23 grams of sugar.

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What does an apple look like?

a roundish hard thing that is usually red or green or pink


How much does a apple weight?

depends on the size but most of the time from 300-800 grams


What goes good with applesauce?

cinnamon and graham crackers


What is apple pucker?

apple pucker is a apple flavored liqueur. it is mostly used as a flavor additive for making drink such as an apple martini.


Are red apples better for you than green ones?

Some apples are red when they are ripe and some are green when they are ripe. Neither type is "better for you" than the other.

Those apples that are red when ripe are often green when they are not ripe. Eating those kinds of green apples (unripe apples) is not good for you. That is the only sense in which red apples are "better for you" than green apples.


How many seeds does a golden delicious apple have?

the golden delitious apple has 1zillion cabillion magatrilimillion seeds


What causes apples to prematurely fall of tree?

When They Get To Their Natural Size Or The Wind Blows It Away


Does apple wood come from an apple tree?

yes indeed apple wood does come from apple trees


Are apples high in iron?

Apples are not very high in the mineral iron however, apples have a very beneficial ability in that they can aid the body efficiently.Apples are quite rich in their content of the essential mineral calcium. The calcium found in the apple helps the human system absorbing all the calcium found in different foods.


Can you put a full apple in the blender?

You can, but should core it first to get the seeds out.


What kind of thorny bush produces apples?

I'm looking for the identity of this bush which grows in my southern Ohio lawn. It's currently 5'X4', thorny limbed, and periodically the leaves will become red tipped. The fruit looks strikingly like a golf-ball sized granny smith apple with a slight pink blush to it. The "apples" grow directly from the thorns late in summer/fall and are smooth on the surface as an apple would be. Any ideas would be appreciated.


Are pears a citrus fruit?

No. Pears are a pip fruit.


Do you peel apples before you cook them?

Yes, for most recipes. If you like the peel on apples, you don't have to, but they can be a problem in a pie or cobbler. Some people saute apples to serve with pork and it you like the peel you can leave it on then.

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What country do gala apples come from?

USA, chile, new zeland

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What are the benefits of apple cider vinegar?

The Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar (when mixed with a glass of water before each meal) burns the fat.

It also acts as a natural antibiotic; it helps with digestion, arthritis, and sore throats; it lowers cholesterol; it keeps your skin healthy; it prevents dandruff; and soothes sunburn, shingles, aching muscles, etc.

Apple cider (Or any red based vinegar) also acts as a remedy for heart burn, due to it's acidity compounds, it neutralizes the acid imbalance and will relieve one from Heart burn(Acid reflux) in about 15/20 seconds.


Why don't apples go brown when boiled?

The browning of the apple is due to the oxidation of the surface of the apple when it hits the air. When you've boiled the apple, the surface is now cooked so it no longer responds with oxidation.

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Can you cook with green crab apples?

Yes, crab apples can be used to make apple jelly. They are not suitable to make apple sauce, pies or other food.

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What are some unusual uses for apples?

you just behave to bea star and end up like me


Is the apple a perennial fruit?

pretty sure, yea.

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What can a whole apple do that half an apple can't do?

Roll around.


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