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What is the slang word for gay?


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Gay is a slang word for homosexual


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Gay IS a slang term! It means homosexual. Some other slang terms for homosexual men would include queer, fruit, drag queen, nancy, or pansy.

In gay slang, anon means an unknown person. This is an abbreviation of the word anonymous, meaning that the person may not want their sexuality known publicly.

Not if it is used for homosexuals, since that is the primary usage. It was once considered slang for that, but it is now accepted usage, and more accepted than the word homosexual. The word homosexual has a clinical feel to it, and they insist they are born that way and have nothing wrong with them. Now, the word gay can be slang for the word stupid. A person may call a boring movie gay. That is a somewhat offensive usage, since it sort of lumps gay people in with things that are stupid, shoddy, inferior, etc.

British Army slang of the 50's and later - effeminate or queer ( the word 'Gay' actually meant 'happy' back then)

fagelah is not a Hebrew word. It is the Yiddish word for bird. In Yiddish slang, it also refers to a gay man.

It's a textual arabic slang word, essentially meaning "gay" or "fa**ot".

There are no terms used only by gay people and not straight people. But if you're talking about gay slang, Here is a list of Gay Slang Terms.

It is a slang term for the word money It is a slang term for the word money It is a slang term for the word money is a slang term for the word money is a slang term for the word money

Idiom is not a slang word. It's the word we chose to mean a phrase that cannot be defined literally. The word slang is not a slang word either.

Gay means very happy and up a stump means at a loss, embaressed, or perplexed.

Lingo is slang for language. So it would mean various slang terms that gay people use among themselves.

It depends on whether you're using this in the original meaning or as slang for homosexual.His gay attitude made us all happy with him.Steve and Bob are a gay couple.

the term "catfishing" is not gay slang. It's a slang term for internet predators, who create a false online profile in order to lure someone into a romantic relationship. The predator may be gay or straight, male or female.

This word "Slang" is an abbreviation of "Sick Language" i.e. SLANG. and in slang "Sick" means "Cool".

The word 'Tar' is a slang for sailor.

A slang word for pleasing is sweet.

Fliver IS a slang word - it means an automobile.

"Pooch" is a common slang word for dog.

Bro would be a slang word for brother

I don' think that there is a slang word for rude.

slang word for non jew

Radical is the slang word, unless you meant radical as in 'extreme measures' if so the slang word is 'heavy' or 'harsh'

junkie is the slang word

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