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y=2x+7. The 2 is your slope and the 7 is your y intercept.

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What is the significance of this equation ax2 plus bx plus c equals 0?

It is the general form of a quadratic equation.

What does the equation solid plus gas equals?

The equation soild plus gas equals a liquid

What is the slope intercept form of the equation 15y equals 10x plus 12?

what is the slope-intercept form of the equation 15y=10x+12

Is x plus y2 equals 25 a linear equation?

No, not if the y is squared. When graphed the equation will not form a straight line.

Why is an equation written in the form Ax plus By equals c called a linear equation?

The equation contains variables which are only raised to the first power.

What is the slope-intercept form of the equation -6x plus y equals 9?

Solving the equation for "y" gives you the slope-intercept form.

The formula y equals mx plus b is known as?

A linear equation in the slope intercept form or the standard form.

What is this 3x equals 2y plus 7 in standard form?

It is an expression in two variable: it is NOT an equation. There is no standard form for expressions.

What is the chemical equation for zinc plus cupric sulfate equals zinc sulfate plus copper?

the chemical equation for zinc plus cupric sulfate equals zinc sulfate plus copper can be written in the form of reaction as follows .ZN +Cu SO 4 -> Zn SO 4 + Cu.they form a aqueous solutions.

What is y equals 5x plus 6?

It is slope intercept form. The equation for slope intercept form is y=mx+b which is like your equation y=5x+6

What is the differential form of following equation ie square of volume plus square of pressure plus cube of temperature?

2VdV + 2PdP + 3T2dT (this is an expression, not an equation because there is no equals sign)

What is the word equation for iron plus chlorine equals Iron chloride?

Iron plus chlorine equals Iron chloride is the word equation.

What are the values of y equals x plus 5?

It is a straight line equation in the form of: y = x+5

What is the answer to 8x plus 4 68?

If you mean as an equation in the form of 8x+4 = 68 then x equals 8

How would you write 0.3y plus 1.2 equals 0.4x in standard form?

Identify a linear equation in standard formUse the properties of equality to write a linear equation in standard formDetermine solutions of a linear equation given in standard formGraph a linear equation given in standard form

9 plus 3 equals 722 5 plus 7 equals 536 6 plus 8 equals 847 7 plus 2 equals what ans will come?

Answer is 411 Logic: You multiply the two numbers in LHS of the equation and reverse the result to form the first two digits of RHS and for the 3rd digit you subtract one from the 2nd number on the LHS of the equation.

Is three times a number plus five equals twenty and expression or an equation?

It is an equation in the form of: 3x+5 = 20 and the value of x works out as 5

How do you find the gradient of a line with the equation y equals 3x plus 2?

An equation such as y = mx + c is said to be in standard form. From such an equation, Gradient = coefficient of x = 3

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