What is the small boat that goes up and down the wind turbines at sea looking for?

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Wind turbines have to be maintained in proper working order. One way of doing this offshore is by having regular inspections by boat. Any breakdowns or slowdowns can then be checked and repaired.
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What goes up and never comes down?

The answer is Your Age Age - Yes, Age number doesn't goes down, but face beautifulness can make your face younger but not your age number. Space Monkeys - no , cause theres no monkeys in space Gas - no, government can change it Weather ballon - no, it can be popped up when so high or ( Full Answer )

What is a wind turbine?

A wind turbine is a rotating machine which converts the kinetic energy in wind into mechanical energy. The mechanical energy can be converted into electrical energy, or it can be used to pump water or grind crops. If it is used to make electricity, it can be called a wind turbine, but if it is used ( Full Answer )

When he looks you up and down does he like you?

if he's making it super obvious, yes. if he's not, its hard to tell. there could be mixed feelings. its best to wait it out and see if there is any other body language.

How do you put a wind turbine on the sea?

Yes, however there are strict limits on how high a wind the generator can withstand, and how much energy the generator can produce. Wind generators are usually equipped with devices to prevent damage in high winds. A2 On the sea, you mount them on a raft which could be floating, or supported on pil ( Full Answer )

Plans to build a small wind turbine?

that is easy go to how to bild a wind turbine.com it works every time trust it or if thos is not you quistion then i dont know what to tell you............................................................................................................................................................. ( Full Answer )

What is does wind turbines look like?

A wind turbine converts wind to ENERGY for your house.. A wind turbine has a long thin body and a big fan at the top.

What are wind turbines for?

Wind turbines are for catching the kinetic energy of the wind and transforming it into electricity.

You are in a boat with a rock on a fresh-water lake You throw the rock into the lake With respect to the land what happens to the level of the water in the lake goes up goes down stays the same?

the level with relative to the shore will decrease. This is because when the rock is on the boat, the weight of the rock is added to that of the boat and the volume of the boat displaces the water, causing it to sink in and thus raising the level of water. Once the rock is thrown out, the boat gets ( Full Answer )

Who goes down but never goes up?

rain goes down, but never goes up actually it evaporates is transformed to water vapor goes into the clouds and eventually comes down as rain again (pixilated)

What is the cost of small wind turbines in India?

It is difficult to give general answer to your question...as some cost is site/location specific and it varies from location to location (e.g. Tower, Cables, Installation etc.) But thumb rule is - Rs 200,000/kW

When resistance goes up voltage goes down?

No. Ohm's law says that V=IR where V is the voltage, I is the current, and R is the resistance. If you look at the equation, you will notice that if R goes up, V goes up, too.

How is a wind turbine erected either at sea or on land?

I would first look at what specific locations are available to you. A local power company chose a site they owned on land for a 600 KW wind turbine. They didn't locate it where the winds were consistently high. Another company is looking at an offshore location, just off the shoreline of Michigan i ( Full Answer )

When there is no wind do wind turbines work?

No. Wind turbines require wind to produce electricity, and produce more power the faster wind blows past them. They usually have an upper limit wind speed limit as well, so if windspeed is too fast, they shut down to avoid damage.

What goes up when the rain goes down?

Air molecules. Sometimes enough air goes up to produce a significant up-draft ... and that can result in a real thunder-storm.also i think after that day the rain go up and go into the clouds. That is what i say the answer is to:[ What Goes Up When The Rain Comes Down]

How do you set up a wind turbine?

You'll need a propeller attached to a generator, preferably mounted on something to enable it to catch the most wind.

How does a wind turbine harness the wind?

Wind, as all moving masses, carries something called kinetic energy. When that kinetic energy hits the large blades on a wind turbine they begin to spin. That spinning can then be used to turn a generator to create electric energy. Most wind turbines can yaw so that they are perpendicular upwind o ( Full Answer )

Can the wind speed up an electric powered wind turbine?

No, there is a govern that is connected to the pitch control of the blades. As the wind speed increases the blade pitch becomes courser. As the blades become more course there is less surface area presented to the wind so the blades slow down.

On a warm day what does it mean if a small dogs jaw goes up and down as if he dog would b cold?

Being a warm day might just be a coincidence. Pain can cause tremoring or trembling, fear, nervous energy, anticipation of an desired activity, or you might have witnessed a mild seizure. It's impossible to guess at the cause of your dog's jaw tremor. If you notice it happening again, take note o ( Full Answer )

How wind is captured in a wind turbines?

The wind is captured by the blades of the wind turbine, which areaerofoil shaped. The force drives the blades which are preciselyangled by a computer system to make the most efficient use of theavailable wind. The rotating motion of the blades attached to thehub, drives a gearbox which increases the ( Full Answer )

What goes up and goes down but does not move?

temperature a staircase. emotions. Carpet ,, IT GOES UP STAIRS N DOWN STAIRS BUT IT DONT MOVE !! When a pastor throws money up into the air ---whatever stays up there belongs to God --- whatever falls down, again, belongs to the Pastor. Guess who gets the money? jimdand . How about the temp ( Full Answer )

Do wind turbines get put up anywhere else bar the UK?

A: California around desert spring there are many. Why because the land belongs to Indian tribes for their income. Plus it was a ploy for taxes incentive. It is worth it no acres of ugly fans and the output total is 40-49 megawatt a trickle and it is not free. Maintenance is hi and takes power input ( Full Answer )

Do wind turbines take up very much space?

A wind turbine takes up about 120 square meters including the base and the access road (on average). This is about 10% of a hectare or 25% of an acre. A wind farm of multiple wind turbines takes up about 0.01% of the land it's on. The rest of the land is available for pretty much up all of the uses ( Full Answer )

Why are wind turbines turning when no wind?

Wind turbines are usually placed up high, so even if there isn't enough wind to be noticed at ground level there may still be enough up by the propellor to get it turning. On days where the wind is variable and will occasionally will be able to produce power the managers will keep the blades turn ( Full Answer )

Why do share prices goes up and down?

Stock share prices reflect the current price of a publicly traded company in the stock exchange, every second of the trading day. The price you see is actually the last transaction made for this stock and it is influenced by many factors such as news, expectations, market conditions, and fluctuation ( Full Answer )

How much would it cost to put a wind turbine in the sea?

In terms of environmental costs they have a lighter impact than onland. Sea located turbines kill far fewer birds and bats. The issueecologically comes from the increased use of fuels to maintain theunit. From a dollar standpoint they are not that much more expensive thanthe land counterparts and a ( Full Answer )

How much space does one wind turbine take up?

One wind turbine consumes about 20 square meters of land at its base. There are sometimes gravel roads that lead to them from the nearest road, usually 2-3 meters wide and 10-50 meters long, to allow maintenance trucks to get to them. Calling it 120 square meters per wind turbine of actual land take ( Full Answer )

Do wind turbines have to face the wind?

Of course new generation wind turbine has to face wind.The concept of wind turbine is this that wind has kinetic energy, and this energy is converted by WTG by rotary blade into mechanical energy through gear box then again into electrical energy through generator. Here mainly wind is the main crite ( Full Answer )

How is wind created in a wind turbine?

wind is not created by the turbine but wind that passes through the turbine causes it to turn, and the faster the turbine spins the more energy is created that can be turned into electricity and other resources. Hope This Helps :)

What type of pattern goes down and up?

VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV That pattern ^ (zig zags) AND l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l that pattern ^ (up and down stripes)

How much would a small wind turbine for your home cost?

More affordable wind turbines range from $200 to $600. These turbines are typically smaller, which means less electricity is generated. Larger wind turbines can cost as much as $2,000 for those used in the home and upwards of $20,000 for those used industrially.

What are the uses of a small wind turbine?

Small wind turbines can be used to generate electricity. Many people in the UK find them to work a lot better than solar ones. They help cut costs on electric bills.

How can small wind turbine help you?

A small wind energy system can be used to augment your utility source to power appliances, lighting, and heat. These stand alone systems can be appropriate for homes or farms and can help you get on your way towards energy independence.

Are small wind turbines an effective source of wind power?

Small wind turbines are an effective source of wind power, but a single turbine will generate power only when the wind hits it at a specific angle and strength. This is why multiple wind turbines are often used at a single site, to pick up different gusts of wind.

How does a wind turbine take wind?

Wind turbines are designed to catch the wind and create electricity from the wind energy. The power station of a turbine moves the unit so the fan blades face the wind so the force of the wind can rotate the fan. The concaved blades collect the wind and send the force down their pedestal to produce ( Full Answer )

Is it possible to attach small wind turbines over trains?

If you're talking about sticking turbines onto the train: It's possible, but pointless. The turbines would spin due to wind speed generated by the movement of the train, so all the power that is going into the turbines has come from the train in the beginning. Basically you're using the motor of th ( Full Answer )

Why does your diagram goes up and down?

The presentation of data is an arbitrary choice to make the information most clear. Polar presentation is used where appropriate (great circle maps). And also with certain electrical depictions. There is even a ternary diagram, in which the data is presented in a triangular fashion. Using this ( Full Answer )