What is the smaller caliber rifle than a 3030?

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Q: What is the smaller caliber rifle than a 3030?
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What can you kill with a 22 caliber rifle?

You can kill anything with a headshot, but anything smaller than a fox should be killable.

What caliber is a squirrel gun?

The term "squirrel gun" was used with muzzle loading rifles that were smaller caliber than deer rifles. There was no one set caliber, but many were in .32 caliber, where a deer rifle would be .50, .54 or larger.

Is a 223 rifle bigger in caliber than 243 rifle?

No. The .243 is a larger calibre, and the parent case is the .308 Winchester, necked down to accept the smaller projectile. It's considerably more powerful than the .223.

Is it better if the caliber on a gun is lower or higher?

Depends on the application. If you mean power, the higher the caliber, the more powerful it is. for example, a .22 caliber rifle is much less powerful than a .50 caliber rifle.

How many bullets in a 223 rifle?

WHICH rifle? There is more than one type made in this caliber.

Is a 223 rifle better than a 227 rifle?

I'm not familair with a rilfe known as a 227, but in general, no one caliber is "better" than another caliber- they are useful for different things.

Can a person hunt python's with air gun's?

I would not use anything smaller than an air rifle that shoots 45 caliber or 50 caliber. Both of these are PCP (PreCharged Pneumatic) air riles. Anything smaller and you may find you made a big mistake.

Is Ak-47 caliber bigger than a 45 caliber?

No. The AK-47 fires the 7.62x39mm round, which is of the .30 caliber, smaller than the .45 caliber.

Is there a rifle made that shoots a caliber slightly larger than a 22 caliber?

257 Roberts, 250 Savage

Is the 223 better than an ar 15 in fps?

The AR 15 is a rifle, not a caliber. the .223 is a caliber. Usually the AR-15 is made in caliber .223.

Is 3030 bigger than 3300?

No because 3300 is bigger than 3030

Atlas 22 caliber single shot rifle. what is it worth?

Not more than 100 if that

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