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According to my Dental Assisting class and the book that we use, it states that virus is the smallest microorganism known to man.


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A Virus called Prion was considered the smallest microorganism until recently. Though the microorganism hasn't been named yet biologists are pretty positive that it is the smallest microorganism. Follow the related link and take a look at the article.

By definition, a microorganism cannot be seen by the unaided human eye.

dialester pneumosintes is the smallest micro organism & its size is about 0.15 - 0.3 nm

I believe nanobes(of the microorganism family) are the smallest known living organisms at a size of (20 nm = .02 microns) being the smallest.

The microorganism is SAR11, the smallest free living cell known and probably the most abundant organism in the seas

The smallest microorganism that causes disease is a prion. It is called an infectious particle. It appears to be a misfolded protein. It contains NO DNA or RNA. It causes "mad cow disease" and Creutz-Jakob disease plus scrapie in sheep and kuru in humans. None are curable and are always fatal. The smallest cellular microorganism that causes disease is a rickettsia. They are similar in size to the mitochondria of eukaryotic cells and both have very similar processes for ATP production. Rickettsia are probably the closest relative (in a phylogenetic sense) to the mitochondria.

fungi is a microorganism.

a microorganism that has decreased in virulence

No, a flower is not a microorganism. A microorganism is an organism that can not be seen with the naked eye. You have to use a microscope. And for farther microorganism questions, a microorganism is what I said up there and it is made up of one or more cells.

the type of microorganism is MRSA

A microorganism is called a "pathogen".

no, a microorganism can not be seen with the naked eye.

There is no microorganism there which is common in athletes.

Vitamin C is not a microorganism.

Type your answer here... What is useful of a microorganism

Yes, a pathogen is a disease causing microorganism.

A bacteria is a common microorganism

what are typesof microorganism deseases

The microorganism in question is a retrovirus which we call HIV.

Breast cancer is not caused by a microorganism.

No, a microorganism is a living organism, a biotic factor.

what is the largest microorganism?I believe it is an ostrich egg.protozoaworm

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