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What is the smallest miniature pig?

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Our mini pigs are the smallest in Australia. Full grown (@2 years) are about 40 cm (16") at the sholder. about 30kg(60lbs)

These are NOT Potbelly, they are not legal in Australia.

Royal Danties may very well be the smallest in America Thimble is the smallest pig in the world! She is a Thimble pig.

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How big does a miniature pig get?

A miniature pig gets from between 40-60 pounds.

How do you know teacup pig from a pot belly pig?

teacup pig is a miniature pig.

What is the smallest miniature cows?

The smallest miniature cow is 32" tall. See the related link below.

How tall is the world's smallest miniature donkey?

Currently the smallest Registered Miniature donkey is 25" tall at the withers.

Is there such thing as a miniature elephant?

There is no such thing as a miniature elephent. The smallest elephent is a baby.

What is the smallest miniature camera ever made?

The smallest miniature camera ever made was called a smallest mini DV. It is known to be the smallest camera ever made in the world. This camera was made in China.

What is the smallest horse or pony on record?

thubelina, a miniature horse, is the smallest horse on record

What is the smallest horse's name?

The smallest breed of horse is a Miniature pony and the name of the smallest pony is called Einstein

Where can you find a miniature pot belly pig in South Africa?

where can i fin d a pot belly pig

What is the smallest breed of guinea pig?

a teddy bear guinea pig.

What are the zoning laws in Buffalo New York for owning a miniature pot bellied pig?

To own a miniature pot bellied pig, you cannot be in the direct city. You must live outside of the city limits.

What is the smallest pig?

guinea pigs, get it?

Which animal has the smallest tail?


What is the name of the smallest cattle breed?

The smallest cattle breed that is not considered a miniature version of other breeds is: The Dexter.

What is the smallest microscope?

The world's smallest microscope is a miniature lensless microscope for telemedicine application. It weighs 46 grams.

Can you keep a miniature pig in a backyard?

Generally, miniature pigs can be kept in a backyard about a half- acre in size -- they don't need that much room.

What is the smallest breed of pig?

royal dandies

What do you feed miniature pigs?

It all depends on the size of the mini pig. You can feed fruits and vegetables with their Mazuri Mini Pig Food.

Does a guinea pig have the smallest bladder in the roddent family?

No the mouse would have the smallest bladder.

What dog named Peanuts was the worlds smallest dog in 1988?

miniature chihuahua

What breed of horse is the lightest besides the miniature horse?

the smallest horse is a Fellabella

What is the smallest breed of miniature cattle?

The smallest breed of miniature cattle are actually the Micro Miniature Cattle, with cows and bulls reaching a height of only 32 to 36 inches when they reach adult maturity at around 3 years of age. Check out the related link below for more info.

What is the breed of a miniature pony?

Miniature horses are registered with the AMHA and or the AMHR in the United States. Many of the smallest are descended from the Fallabella horses that originated in Spain.

Is their a weight limit for riding a miniature horse?

Miniature horses were never bred for riding and should not be ridden by anyone. The smallest ride-able equine is the Shetland pony.

The worlds smallest miniature shetland pony?

The worlds smallest Mini pony is Thumbalina she is only 17 inches tall at the withers. Does that answer your question? LOL