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Q: What is the smallest number of pencils and erasers you can buy so that you will have the same number of each we have 12 pencils in a package and 10 erasers in a package?
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If i had 184 pencils and 207 erasers what is the greatest number of kids getting both erasers and pencils?

If you only have 184 pencils then only 184 kids will get both a pencil and an eraser, even if you have more erasers than that.

If pencils are sold in boxes of 10 and erasers are sold in boxes of 14 a teacher wants to buy the same number of pencils and erasers what is the smallest amount of boxes she would buy?

seventy total 7 boxes of 10 = 70 5 boxes of 14 = 70

How many pencils will be in each package if the greatest number of identical packages are made from 72 pencils and 24 calculators?

3 pencils to each calculator

If Ryan bought 3 packages of pencils Each package contains twelve pencils Michael bought twice as many pencils as Ryan bought How many pencils did Michael buy Write a number sentence?


What is the smallest number of single pencils the store have and make exactly 66 five-packs?


What is the smallest number of single pencils could the store have and still make sixty six but not sixty seven five packs?


How do you answer the question . Number of pencils equals number of boxes how many pencils in 18 boxes?

I don't think you have enough information to answer that question.

Abdul bought n packs of pencils. Each pack has 10 pencils. Write an equation to represent the total number of pencils p that Abdul bought.?

Total number = 10*n.

What are some good party favors for a Halloween party for kids?

Good party favors for a Halloween party for kids can include a number of things, like candy and other treats, Halloween themed objects like pencils and erasers, as well as novelty items, like rings, fake spiders, etc.

Can I use mechanical pencils for school, or do they have to be number 2's?

Yes, there is no rules written that you can't use mechanical pencils for school. However, it's better to get number 2 HB pencils because it's easier to erase.

Which smallest whole number?

1 is the smallest whole number

What is the smallest mersenne number?

The smallest Mersenne number is 2.