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What is the soft tissue in the middle of your bones called?


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It is called Bone Marrow.... there are different kinds of bone marrow

one that stores fat is called Yellow Marrow and the marrow that stores blood

is called Red Marrow......

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In the middle of your bones is soft tissue that is spongey and it is called bone marrow.

The soft tissue in the middle of your bone is bone marrow. It makes blood cells.

Its called marrow and mostly it makes blood cells.

The soft, blood building tissue in the center of a bone is called marrow.

The soft tissue in the center of bones is known as bone marrow.

Bone marrow is the soft tissue found in the shaft of long bones.

Soft connective tissue found inside some bones is? Hi.

the bone has a hard outer coding and in the middle there is soft tissue wich inside the soft tissue is bone marrow so no it is not completely hard

That soft stuff is called marrow and it helps make blood

The soft, flexible tissue at the ends of your bones is cartilage. This tissue decreases friction at the ends of bones.

A soft connective tissue found in bones is marrow.

The soft tissue I believe is called Bone Marrow.

We call that soft tissue marrow but it is usually only found in long bones. It can be red marrow which makes blood cells or yellow marrow which is a form of stored fat cells.

This is a small fleshy flap of tissue that is an extension of the soft palate. It is called the 'UVULA'

A red, soft tissue inside your bones. Not sure what it is for though.

3 soft tissues: *Head *Bones *Hair

There is no scientific evidence to prove a frog's bones are any softer than the bones from other amphibians. Frogs have solid bones and soft tissue like any other creature.

It is referred to as cartilage. It is connective tissue, and serves to cushion the bones where they meet other bones in the skeleton.

The petellas are knee bones. They protect the soft tissue under your knees.

The fatty yellow or red tissue inside bones is bone marrow. Bone marrow is responsible for producing blood cells.

The soft tissue inside of the bone is called "marrow."

i believe that soft tissue can be fossilized in the right conditions, because not so long ago an elephant was found in ice where the tissue (and bones) were still in tact, but the body was flattened.. if your talking about solid ground then no, soft tissue cannot be fossilized. though im not completely sure being frozen in ice is fossilization.. its most likely.

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