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Calcium hydroxide solution is used to detect the presence of carbon bi oxide. When carbon bi oxide is passed through the solution of calcium hydroxide, it turns milky white. There is formation of calcium carbonate particle. This is what was taught to me as a kid in my school.

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Q: What is the solution used to detect the presence of CO2?
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How would you detect the presence of CO2 in a sample of air?

Add an acid to the salt or solution. If it bubbles, there's CO32- there.

What is Bromothymol?

Bromothymol Blue is a liquid indicator that can detect presence CO2 in water. It changes color from blue to green, as it detects the presence of the CO2 . In very acidic conditions it will turn yellow. It has also been used as an indicator in the NCO (isocyanate) test (where di-n-butylamine is the base and 1N HCl solution is the acid. Green is the endpoint in this titration and yellow is "over-shot". The amine value test in resin chemistry/synthesis also may use this indicator. HCl directly titrates an amine containing resin.

What effect would the presence of potassium hydroxide have on photosynthesis?

It is used for the absorption of CO2 (Carbon-di-Oxide)

Why freshly prepared lime water used in experiments to test evolution of CO2?

Freshly prepared lime water is used in the evperiment to test the presence of CO2 in water because lime water turns milky when CO2 is present in water.

Is CO2 a solution suspension or a colloid?

CO2 is a colloid.

What is used to detect calcium carbonate in minerals?

Acids. The resulting fizz of CO2 bubbles indicates a reaction with a carbonate mineral.

A solution of a substance 'x' is used for testing co2 identify 'x' it's reactions with co2 and write its balanced equation?

x is lime waterCao+co2--->Ca(oh)2

Can lime water detect the carbon dioxide gas?

Well, lime water is simply Calcium hydroxide Ca(OH)2 it is a colorless solution and well it is basic/ alkaline cause of various reasons some of which are it turns red litmus blue and can react whit acids through a neutralization reaction.Anyway you basically wanted to know what it is used for. Lime water is used to test for presence of Carbon dioxide in the lab when Carbondioxide passes through it turns from colorless to cloudy white substance which is called Calcium CarbonateCa(OH)2 + CO2 ----> CaCO3 + H2O

What happens when solution of slaked lime is exposed to air?

Slaked Lime is Calcium Hydroxide [also known as Lime Water] Lime Water is used to detect the presence of Carbon Dioxide: Ca(OH)2(aq) + CO2(g) → CaCO3(s) + H2O(l) Calcium Carbonate [Chalk: CaCO3] is insoluble in water and so is deposited as a precipitate upon completion of the reaction: The Lime Water turns 'chalky'

When does aerobic occur?

in the presence of CO2 (Carbon dioxide)

What is earle's balanced salt solution?

it is the balanced salt solution with high bicarbonate ion concentration . Media containing this requires continuous CO2 supply .It maintains pH and osmotic pressure of cells . It is used with high CO2 demanding cells.

When aerobic respiration occurs?

in the presence of CO2 (Carbon dioxide)