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There are several songs about changing because you love someone so much. However, one of the most popular is Drake's "Doing it Wrong".

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Why do you still love someone that hurt you so much?

because still i love her

Why do i love you very much?

you love someone very much because in that relationship you see trust, loyalty, honesty, love and respect

Would you rather go for someone you love who doesn't like you much or someone who likes you a lot but you don't like much?

for someone you love that doesn't like you that much because you will not be happy with the other one

Can you love someone too much?

you can never love someone to much. In fact love has to grow or it will die.

What is the course of true Love?

True love is when you really love someone. You don't just love them because what they look like or how much money they have.

How do you forget someone that we love much?

Hopefully you do not forget someone you love.

Who was first to categorise love as IF love Because of and in spite of love?

Romeo and Juliet were the first one to categorize love into these two categories. Their love was an epic and no one can love someone that much.

Why do i love him so badly?

Because he may be your first love someone who cared about you very much or it could be lust, and attachment that often is mistaken for love.

Why does love test your patience so much?

Love tests your patience so much because it is testing how much you love that person.If yo love someone alot,then you wil be patient with them,but if you don't then you most likely have anger management issues or you don't love them.

Is it possible to love someone who doesnt love you?

Most people at sometime in their lives have loved someone a great deal that did not love them back and that is why is quote 'love hurts' comes into play. If the chemistry isn't right it doesn't matter how much you love the other person because you can't make someone love you back.

To love someone very much does that mean you accept them for the person they are?

If you love someone you will love that person for who they are. If you love that person you will not try to change them.

Why is your heart broken?

Because you cared about someone so much, and later found out that your trust and love was misplaced.

Do you agree that the size of a present means how much they love you?

No because a ring is small but can mean a lot to someone

You love someone will i get marry with that boy because my parent are not agree on this?

Only you can really answer this question. How much do you value your family? How much do you value the boy you think you love? How do you know that he loves you?

I never thought that i could love someone as much as i love you i love you?

who do u love

Why do you fall more in love for those who do not love us as much?

Because we can't choose who we fall in love with and with those odds most of the people we fall in love with won't feel the same way because they probably have already fallen in love with someone else.

How much can you love?

For anyone love can be endless. Sometimes people hold back their love while others keep loving until the end of their days. So, there is no limit on how much someone can love, but rather a limit on how much someone will show their love.

Possible to love but not in love?

Yes, being in love is different from loving someone. being in love is when you only love that person & loving someone is when you love them but not that much. you still have dough's.

What does someone mean when they tell you they love you very much?

When someone tells you that they love you very much, it means that they care a great deal about you. This could be familial love or a committed relationship.

How much earns the writer of bleeding love?

As much as someone is willing to pay for a bleeding love...

If you love someone and they don't like you back what should i do?

Nothing. It is hard to love someone who doesn't love you, but in this case they don't even like you so you need to move on. Forget them. Out there is someone who will love you as much as you love them.

How do you move on when you love someone so much and he does not love you back?

its hard to move on when you are so in love with someone. just try not to think about to much. look into other guys who are much better. if he doesn't love you back hes not good enough for you.

How can you love someone but not want a relationship with them?

well thats a difficult question. but it could be because you see him or her as a best friend or brother or sister. and you care too much about them to date them. Answer It can happen but if you really love someone enough you will want a relationship with's only natural to want to be with someone you love.

How do you forget someone who we really love very much?

You don't. If you love someone but they do not return your love then you have to move forward as painful as it is but you don't forget them if you really love them.

How do you tell someone how much you love them?

Not only can you say "I love you," but you can show how much you love someone by doing thoughtful, loving things--not necessarily grandiose acts, but small, everyday things.

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