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New Noise - Refused

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What is the name of the song in the movie Friday Night Lights before the game against Dallas Carter?

New Noise - by Refused

Did the Lions win state on Friday Night Lights season finale?

Yes, the Lions won the 2010 state championship.

Friday night lights or two a days?

Friday night lights

When was Friday Night Lights released?

Friday Night Lights was released on 10/08/2004.

What was the Production Budget for Friday Night Lights?

The Production Budget for Friday Night Lights was $30,000,000.

Where is the Home of Friday Night Lights?

The TV show, "Friday Night Lights" is set in Dillon, Texas.

How much money did Friday Night Lights gross worldwide?

Friday Night Lights grossed $61,950,770 worldwide.

How much money did Friday Night Lights gross domestically?

Friday Night Lights grossed $61,255,921 in the domestic market.

Where can you see the final episodes of Friday night lights?

Friday Night Lights is on NBC and will air their new season starting Friday, April 15 at 8/7c.

In ABBA song dancing queen what night are they out when the lights are low?

Friday. "Friday night and the lights are low Looking out for the place to go"

When was Pilot - Friday Night Lights - created?

Pilot - Friday Night Lights - was created on 2006-10-03.

When was Friday Night Lights - album - created?

Friday Night Lights - album - was created on 2008-10-13.

When is Friday Night Lights season 3 coming on DVD?

Season 3 of Friday Night Lights will be released on DVD in May 2009.

When was Friday Night Lights - film soundtrack - created?

Friday Night Lights - film soundtrack - was created in 2004-10.

Will Friday night lights return in 2011?


Will there be a season 6 of Friday night lights?


Why is the show called Friday Night Lights?

It was called "Friday Night Lights" states that are huge fans of high school football--like Texas and Pennsylvania--high school football is usually played on a "Friday night"--under the "lights." Hope this helps. ;-)

Friday night lights commercial song?

When the lights go out By The Black Keys. Is the Friday Night Lights commercial song for 2010. Check out Chop and Change also by The Black Keys..both are great songs!!!

Friday Night Lights is set in the town of?


Where can you watch Friday night lights s03e11?


How many seasons of Friday Night Lights are there?

there are five...

Where to watch episodes of Friday Night Lights?

Who is Julie in the movie Friday night lights?

the girl

Will Friday Night Lights come on tv this year?

According to the official Friday Night Lights show site on, Season 4 will begin in Summer 2010.

What is the song for the season 5 Friday Night Lights commercial?

When The Lights Go Out - The Black Keys